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Orthopedics This Week | RRY Publications

Welcome to RRY Publications website. We are the publishers of Orthopedics This Week, the most widely read publication in the Orthopedics industry. Orthopedics is, in our way of thinking, a small town with roughly 250,000 residents. These residents include clinicians, nurses, administrators, staff, suppliers, manufacturers, scientists, sales people, regulators, investors and consultants. So we think of ourselves as the community paper. We hope that our little paper, which we publish 40 times a year, will illuminate, elevate and educate you. Like small town publishers and writers everywhere, we are also part of this community and, for good or ill, that fact finds its way into our attitudes and commentaries. Yes, we are biased—in favor of you, our community. Roughly 3.3 times each month, Orthopedics This Week brings you the latest breaking orthopedic news. We also host innovative technology conferences and publish quarterly Market Forecasts and Analysis. Occasionally we also publish data and conference books. We are part of a unique, essential and endlessly fascinating industry. What a great place to be!

Orthopedics This Week—Weekly News, Analysis and Commentary: Three time winner of the MORE award for journalistic excellence, Orthopedics This Week is the essential and most widely read publication in Orthopedics. Forty times a year, OTW delivers breaking news, analysis and commentary. Now the largest sector in all of medicine with more than 75 million patients treated in the U.S. annually (2.3x that number globally), this is an industry that affects roughly 1 in 4 people. From stem cells to war time surgery to medical tourism to clinical ethics, Orthopedics is at the leading edge of what matters most in healthcare. Orthopedics This Week is THE weekly news and commentary newsletter for all that is unique and valuable to professionals who get up every day and work in the orthopedic community.

Stem Cell Summit: No new technology has excited clinicians as much as "Stem Cells" or, as we are more inclined to refer to these biologic tools, "Limited Lineage Progenitor Cells." While the use of these cellular technologies may be decades away from clinical use in such sectors as Cardiovascular repair or Oncology, they are in the orthopedic market today. To illuminate and educate all members of the orthopedic community about these extraordinary technologies, RRY Publications founded and hosts the annual Stem Cell Summit in New York City. The Summit is always held in February in New York. This meeting focuses on the practical and commercial use of stem cells in ANY arena–not just orthopedics. The day-long Summit presents leading companies, scientists and clinicians to discuss research, clinical experience and forecasts. The program is designed to separate knowledge from opinion, hope from hype and give attendees a full sense of "what really causes what" when stem cells are used therapeutically.

Spine Technology Awards: Presented by Orthopedics This Week and RRY Publications, the Spine Technology Awards are intended to bring increased recognition to exemplary and innovative spine surgery products and the engineering teams and inventors who create them. Patients, physicians, hospitals and reimbursers rely on the inspiration and perspiration of engineers and surgeon-inventors to improve outcomes and to control costs. Most engineers and inventors are little known so we proudly provide these awards in five separate categories of spine care to recognize their great talents and contributions. Technologies that are eligible for a Spine Technology Award must be any device, pharmaceutical or biologic product that was developed to improve the care of patients with spine disease.

Robin R. Young, CFA: Robin Young is the founder of RRY Publications and is, last time we checked, its publisher. Although given his travel schedule, we’re not sure what he looks like or where he is at any given point in time. Mr. Young has been knocking around medical technologies for a quarter of century and, given his propensity for verbosity, has disgorged more than 1,000 research reports and 6 books on such subjects as Surgical Biomaterials, The Spinal Implant Industry and The Stock Market. Earlier this century, Mr. Young was named "Best on the Street" by the Wall Street Journal and even earlier than that was identified as one of the top ten analysts in the United States by Institutional Investor Magazine. Most people, including members of his immediate family, find that they can reach him at