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Extremities Feature

Courtesy of DePuy Synthes

DePuy Synthes: First 3D Simulation for Limb Deformity Patients

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Thu, October 26th, 2017

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DePuy Synthes has launched the first 3D simulation-assisted orthopedic external circular fixation device for limb deformity patients.

As the company wrote in its October 11, 2017 news release, “Unlike other computer-assisted external circular fixation systems, the MAXFRAME System's 3D planning software creates accurate patient treatment plans using advanced algorithms, which eliminates the need for manual measurements and requires fewer inputs than any other system on the market. This can potentially lead to a reduction in the number of patient X-rays required, thus reducing procedural complexity, radiation exposure for both the patient and surgeon, and overall costs, while reducing treatment time for the patient.”

Those using the MAXFRAME System can adjust the struts on the device themselves. As noted in the news release, “These adjustments have been made easier with the system's newly introduced ASSURE-STRUT Technology, wherein each time the patient adjusts the device, there is an audible click as the strut correctly locks into place. To support patients, DePuy Synthes has developed the MAXFRAME Patient Care Program, which includes a patient app featuring a character named "MAX," and additional online content is available at”

“The MAXFRAME System is indicated for the following treatments in adults and in both children (3-12) and adolescents (12-21) in which the growth plates have fused or will not be crossed with hardware: fracture fixation (open and closed), pseudoarthrosis of long bones, limb lengthening (epiphyseal or metaphyseal distraction), joint arthrodesis, infected fractures or nonunions, correction of bony or soft tissue deformities, and correction of segmental defects.”

I.V. Hall, Worldwide Platform Leader, Trauma, CMF [craniomaxillofacial], Biomaterials and Veterinary Portfolios, DePuy Synthes, commented to OTW, “Throughout the development phase we were reminded of our commitment to bring a different and new solution to expand DePuy Synthes capabilities in helping these patients who have been suffering from limb deformity, and that we were in the process of bringing a technology to market that could advance successful treatment.”

MAXFRAME works to reduce the burden for both the surgeon and the patient during all phases of treatment. The device’s unique 3D [three dimensional] software helps surgeons achieve greater accuracy with fewer measurements, and the ASSURE-STRUT Technology helps patients confidently make the prescribed adjustments to the device per their treatment plan.”

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