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IntraOperative Match Point System / Courtesy: DJO Global, Inc.

DJO Global’s Match Point Used in Two Cases

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Wed, November 6th, 2013

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DJO Global, Inc. has just announced the first surgical uses of its Match Point System patient-specific shoulder instrumentation in Reverse Shoulder System cases in Sydney, Australia, and in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Match Point System is CE Marked and has also received FDA 510k clearance.

In collaboration with Materialise, a company focused on patient-specific instrumentation and innovative software solutions, the Match Point System was developed to provide advanced pre-operative surgical planning and patient-customized drill guides to accommodate a reverse or total shoulder arthroplasty procedure. The Match Point System employs Materialise’s proven SurgiCase Connect software to create CT-based pre-operative case plans for surgeons to template and prepare for their reverse shoulder arthroplasty surgeries using the DJO Surgical Reverse or Turon Shoulder Systems. Upon review and plan approval, the surgeon is provided with an ergonomically-designed drill guide that is customized to the patient’s unique glenoid anatomy, enabling greater accuracy in implant positioning.

“With the increased patient demand for total and reverse shoulder replacements, surgeons are demanding more in terms of improved instrumentation, planning tools, and techniques for their shoulder cases, ” said Bryan Monroe, Senior Vice President and General Manager of DJO Surgical, in the October 31, 2013 news release. “The Match Point System is well-suited to address these needs. Our strategic partnership with Materialise has been great; together, we are helping the surgeon to facilitate each patient’s return to normal activity.”

Dr. Jonathan Levy of Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who performed the first Match Point System surgery in the U.S., stated, “I am excited about this technology and its impact on shoulder arthroplasty. It will revolutionize our approach to pre-operative planning and our ability to accurately execute the surgical procedure even in the most challenging of cases.”

Bryan Monroe told OTW, “The Match Point System streamlines the pre-operative planning process through the use of case management software that also provides enhanced visualization of the patient’s unique anatomy. A digitized, 3D scapular model is created, and an algorithm suggests implant positioning for surgeon review. Once the pre-operative plan is approved, a 3D printer creates the patient-specific guide for use in surgery. The surgeon is equipped with a greater sense of preparedness leading up to and during the surgery.”

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