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MuscleSound Launches New MuscleHealth Assessment Cycles

Tracey Romero • Thu, March 22nd, 2018

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MuscleSound, a Denver-based performance and health technology company, recently launched its new MuscleHealth assessment cycles.

These new assessment cycles, according to a press release, will equip MuscleSound providers with a custom step-by-step guide to help clients reach their individual goals through a series of continuous scan sessions. And MuscleSound end users will be able to get real-time results to help them achieve their individual goals, whether it is readiness, rehab and recovery, body composition, nutrition, muscle size, data collection or event preparation. They will also receive recommendations on when to re-check their progress.

According to the release, MuscleHealth technology analyzes ultrasound images of a muscle to evaluate a range of factors related to the health of that muscle, specifically, its “MuscleHealth”, defined as the capacity of a muscle to store, generate and replenish energy.” Scans are uploaded to the cloud, analyzed by MuscleSound’s proprietary algorithms, and downloaded to a tablet or laptop in a few minutes. Currently, the company assesses four components of MuscleHealth including muscle size, quality, fuel and body composition.

The new assessment cycles lay out the steps of the scanning process so that MuscleSound providers can communicate with their clients when and what to do next, and gives access to past scan measurements so the providers can have a clearer picture of their client’s MuscleHealth.

“The MuscleHealth assessments gives me the ability to have a more complete picture of (the client’s) health, and it gives the client the no nonsense data to boost their confidence that what we are doing is going to create change and help them achieve their goals. For example, a particular client had some significant asymmetries during her baseline scan and we were able to go into additional depth to uncover information related to movement patterns, known imbalances, previous exercise/training history, and current practices that may be addressed to give a more complete plan of care,” said Ryan Kohler, MS, CSCS Manager of Sports Performance at the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center in the release.

“We’re always working toward creating a better, more seamless experience for our clients, so they can better service their clients,” Andy Jackson, MuscleSound president and CEO, said in the release.

“With the new MuscleSound assessment cycles we can streamline the process for our providers and make it easier for them to deliver insight into their customers’ overall MuscleHealth, which offers them the most value based on real-time data. We’ve rolled out the cycles across several industries with the goal of adding other segments as we continue to grow and expand into new spaces.”

The assessment cycles have been rolled out for use at physical therapy, sports medicine, chiropractic, research and fitness and performance facilities, and with sports teams.

To learn more about MuscleSound, visit

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