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Spine Feature

Courtesy of Corelink, LLC

Stiffer Guide Wire Introduced for Spinal Surgery

Biloine W. Young • Tue, October 3rd, 2017

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CoreLink, LLC, a designer and manufacturer of spinal implant systems, has introduced the Scaltoff Wire, a patent pending, stackable guide wire for its Entasis Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System.

According to the company, the convertible length wire enables constant control during drilling, tapping, and insertion steps yet can be quickly shortened to accommodate the C-arm in lateral view X-rays.

“The most significant threat to patient safety in lateral SI joint fusion procedures is the possibility of the guide wire advancing into the sacral foramina and potentially damaging a nerve root,” said Donald Sachs, M.D., a neurosurgeon in Tampa, Florida.

“This is a good response to that common risk”, he added. “Plus, with this, you don’t have to remove the wire, avoiding the frustrations of finding your path again.”

The stackable Scaltoff Wires thread onto and off each other, end-to-end, providing an adjustable length. Considered by some to be the stiffest on the market, the extra rigidity of the stainless steel wires further enhances control for the surgeon.

Since its introduction, CoreLink’s Entasis SI Joint Fusion System has been used in the implantation of more than 500 medical devices. According to the press release, surgeons most often cite the device’s Easy-In dual-pitch compression threading and the autograft self-harvesting circumferential fenestrations as the most compelling features in their choice of this device.

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