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The Top 22 North American Knee Surgeons

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Tue, February 18th, 2014

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When knee surgeons discuss their exemplary colleagues, these are the ones they are talking about. Behold, the super elite in the knee world!

Here is that list. We don’t have “the market” on lists…this isn’t the be-all and end-all list—but it is a list of the most impressive knee surgeons in the country. This information was obtained via a telephone survey of thought leaders in the field. The information in quotes is what we heard about these surgeons.

In alphabetical order, here are the top 22 knee surgeons in North America.

David Backstein, M.D., M.Ed, F.R.C.S.C.

Dr. Backstein is an associate professor at the University of Toronto, the Head of the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital, and the Medical and Lead Chair at the Mount Sinai Centre for Musculoskeletal Disease. “He does a terrific job as head of the division. He is very talented when it comes to complex knee construction and revision; he has been instrumental in the development of the porous metal implants that we use for revision and guidance systems. He has distinguished himself as a great educator because he breaks complicated concepts down to the fundamentals.”

John W. Barrington, M.D.

Dr. Barrington is an orthopedic surgeon with the Texas Center for Joint Replacement in Plano and is director of the Joint Institute at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano. “Dr. Barrington is a well recognized hip and knee replacement surgeon. He has built on his group’s strong clinical and research history, and has presented his work nationally on joint replacement anesthesia protocols and less invasive hip replacements. He is a destination provider in the Dallas area.”

Keith R. Berend, M.D.

Dr. Berend is an orthopedic surgeon with Joint Implant Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio and a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Orthopaedics at The Ohio State University. He is co-developer of the Biomet Rapid Recovery Program. “Dr. Berend is a national leader in hip and knee replacement who has pioneered surgical techniques of anterior hip surgery and partial knee replacement. He has developed outpatient arthroplasty protocols and produced increased value through higher patient satisfaction and outcomes. He is a proven contributor in clinical research and teaching.”

Michael E. Berend, M.D.

Dr. Berend is an orthopedic surgeon at the Center for Hip & Knee Surgery/St. Francis Health in Mooresville, Indiana. “He has done a tremendous amount of research and is a leader in partial knee replacement and also understands what factors correlate with long term success or failure of primary total knees.”

Robert E. Booth, Jr., M.D.

Dr. Booth is the medical director of the Aria 3B Orthopaedic Institute in Philadelphia and a former president of The Knee Society. “He is a scholar-surgeon who has dedicated his academic career to the advancement of orthopedics and patient care.”

Henry D. Clarke, M.D.

Dr. Clarke is an associate professor of orthopedics at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. “Dr. Clarke is a highly respected surgeon who is an active member of The Knee Society. He is well known for his research and commitment to the arthroplasty community on an international level.”

Craig J. Della Valle, M.D.

Dr. Della Valle is an orthopedic surgeon at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and associate professor at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. He is also director of the Adult Reconstructive Fellowship at Rush University Medical Center/Central DuPage Hospital. “He is not only a super surgeon, but he is a tremendous researcher who has done superb work on hip and knee reconstruction. He has taken issues such as infected and painful joint replacement and developed algorithms that advance the field.”

Douglas A. Dennis, M.D.

Dr. Dennis is an orthopedic surgeon with Colorado Joint Replacement in Denver and assistant clinical professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He is a past president of The Knee Society and the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS). He is co-medical director of the Porter Center for Joint Replacement and director of Clinical Research, Rocky Mountain Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory. “He is a veteran in the field of knee reconstruction who has made an immense contribution to the literature and given his utmost dedication to education.”

Michael Dunbar, M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.S.C.

Dr. Dunbar is professor of surgery in the Division of Orthopaedics at Dalhousie University and director of Research for Orthopaedics at that institution. “He is an innovator who is helping to usher in a new way of thinking about total joint replacement. He challenges the norm, and continues to push for advancement and understanding of our field for the betterment of our patients.”

Arlen D. Hanssen, M.D.

Dr. Hanssen is an orthopedic surgeon at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He is a past president of The Knee Society. “Dr. Hanssen is one of the most skilled knee surgeons and thought leaders in U.S. for complex knee replacement surgery. He has exceptional academic skills and his clear and logical thoughts and approach to complex knee issues makes him a standout in the U.S. knee arthroplasty community.”

Aaron Hofmann, M.D.

Dr. Hofmann is the founder of the Hofmann Arthritis Institute in Utah and director of the new Center for Precision Joint Replacement at Salt Lake Regional. Dr. Hoffman is also a clinical professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine. “He is a great innovator and scholar-surgeon who has invested immense energy in the education and training of many young surgeons.”

Raymond H. Kim, M.D.

Dr. Kim is an orthopedic surgeon with Colorado Joint Replacement in Denver. “He is a well-respected orthopedic surgeon…a real rising star who does great total knee arthroplasty work. He has published extensively and has been course director at numerous orthopedic meetings.”

Gwo-Chin Lee, M.D.

Dr. Lee is an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and program director of the Adult Reconstruction fellowship at that institution. “Dr. Lee is a dedicated clinician, educator and researcher who has extensive experience in complex revision surgery and management of periprosthetic joint infections. He is unafraid of challenging the norms of knee surgery and continues to explore ways to improve outcomes in knee arthroplasty.”

Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Lombardi is president of Joint Implant Surgeons, Inc. in New Albany, Ohio, and a clinical assistant professor at The Ohio State University in both the Department of Orthopaedics and the Department of Biomedical Engineering. “He is a standout surgeon who continues to advance our field with his passion for research and patient care.”

William J. Long, M.D., F.R.C.S.C.

Dr. Long is an orthopedic surgeon at Insall Scott Kelly Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine; he is also a director and chief of research at that facility. “He is very involved in teaching and gets his audience involved in the Socratic method; in the OR he is excellent. His most important work is on the long term survival of total knee arthroplasty in young patients.”

Jess H. Lonner, M.D.

Dr. Lonner is an orthopedic surgeon with Main Line Health in Philadelphia. He is also associate professor of orthopedic surgery at Rothman Institute, Thomas Jefferson University Medical School. “He has earned the respect of his peers as an innovator in orthopedic surgery, particularly in the fields of robotic surgery and patella-femoral replacement. His contributions to improving patient care through research and education have been outstanding.”

Steven J. MacDonald, M.D., F.R.C.S.C.

Dr. MacDonald is professor of orthopedic surgery at Western University, chief of orthopedics and chief of surgery, at London Health Sciences Centre, University Campus in London, Ontario. Dr. MacDonald is the current president of The Knee Society. “He is a superstar who has written quite a lot about patient satisfaction and how to manage patients who are less than satisfied with their total knee replacement. He is taking us to the next level in our field.”

R. Michael Meneghini, M.D.

Dr. Meneghini is an associate professor of orthopedic surgery and director of Adult Lower Extremity Fellowship, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Indiana University School of Medicine. He is also adjunct professor in the Department of Mechanical and Biomechanical Engineering at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. “He is a leader in the field of adult reconstruction who is actively involved in research and teaching and has published several landmark articles on hip and knee arthroplasty.”

Javad Parvizi, M.D.

Dr. Parvizi is an orthopedic surgeon and director of clinical research at the Rothman Institute. “He is a leader in the field who is always willing to challenge the norms—especially when it comes to infection. He has made us come to a consensus on joint infection. He has a dynamic personality, is a tireless researcher, and trains many residents that speak very highly of him.”

Christopher L. Peters, M.D.

Dr. Peters is a professor of orthopedic surgery operations at the University of Utah. “He is a talented surgeon who has done some great and impactful research on both patient specific instrumentation and revision total knees.”

Giles R. Scuderi, M.D.

Dr. Scuderi is vice president of orthopedic services for the North Shore-LIJ Health System in New York. An attending orthopedic surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital and Franklin Medical Center, Dr. Scuderi is also a past president of The Knee Society. Additionally, he is an assistant clinical professor of orthopedic surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and one of the directors of the Insall Scott Kelly Institute for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. “He has written numerous articles and continues to be a prominent figure in our sphere of influence. He is known for his work on redesigning The Knee Society scoring system, which has helped us thoroughly evaluate patients. He is very energetic, a great teacher, and a fabulous surgeon.”

Brian D. Springer, M.D.

Dr. Springer is an orthopedic surgeon with OrthoCarolina, and is the fellowship director at OrthoCarolina Hip and Knee Center. “He is an excellent surgeon who is known for revision total knees. His clinical skills are exemplary, he achieves good outcomes, and his patients love him.”

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137 Responses to “The Top 22 North American Knee Surgeons”

  1. Erica says:

    Congrats Dr. Springer!!

  2. Dan says:

    So many women ortho surgeons in the top 22 !

    • Marci says:

      You noticed! There are no women on the list.

      Even though women have been allowed to enter the once restricted arena of medicine and other areas, nevertheless, they they are not given the recognition that they actually earn while standing side by side of the men. Itis more than the glass ceiling. It is a type of blindness.

      • Marci says:

        By the way, I had two knee replacements by Dr. Meneghini, and I cannot tell you what an awesome job he did, and how much respect I have for him as a surgeon and human being.

        • Mitchell says:


          I am 62 years old ans a candidate for total knee replacement. I am afraid since the percentage of success is only 20%. CAn you give me more details on your surgery, recovery time etc..
          I will greatly appreciately your insight as a patient.


          • Joh Earl says:

            Iam a skier. My friends have had knee surgery which has been very successful. Knee replacements last for 15 years. My brother has had his for 20 years. Just make sure you have it done by someone who has a good reputation and has had a lot of experience.

  3. Darragh Cullen says:

    Martin Roche ?

  4. Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire?

  5. Tim fagan says:

    Having had a knee replacement performed by Dr. Springer, I would nominate him in the top 5. Kudos Dr. Springer!

  6. Shawn says:

    This list is ridiculous. Primary hip and knee replacement is about as complicated as tying your shoes. The “research” mentioned in these quotes is mostly industry sponsored garbage to promote an implant company in exchange for millions of dollars.

    • Thomas says:

      Do you live in NC? There are so many claims, difficult to discern facts.

    • Trevor says:

      Shawn, do you preform hip and knee replacements?

      • tuna says:

        shawn is right. This is not something that requires the worlds best doctor. Its a 1 hour procedure tops- and with the cutting blocks and multitude of knee prosthesis available, its nothing like it was 20 or even 10 years ago. Every new surgeon spends time in their residency learning and perfecting the procedure, and I would be more concerned having a procedure done like a tibial osteotomy or something not done much anymore than I would a total knee. There are procedures that are much more difficult and much more risky. This is becoming so common- and with computers and technology- its getting easier. Whoever said the success rate is 20% is misinformed. Maybe 20 years ago it was, but its well over 90% these days- the issues being- a good candidate, no infections or diabetes (not managed/not controlled) things that can undo even the most expertly placed prosthetic.

        • Mary Hedrick says:

          I wouldn’t be so smug. 90%, huh! How about the OTHER 10%?? My husband had his knee replaced a year ago. A week later he went into septic shock and nearly died. He was on a pic line for 6 weeks and will be on antibiotics for the rest of his life. His pain is worse than it was BEFORE the surgery. He wanted a second opinion, but no one would even see him until AFTER ONE YEAR of PAIN. At this point he is trying to find a doctor who will treat him as they want him to have all kinds of tests done before they decide IF they will take him on as a patient.

          • carole allan says:

            So sorry about your husband’s problems from surgery. My plumber had both knees replaced at once and went into septic shock and was in a coma for a week. I think he is doing ok now, but wears heavy knee pads and of course his type of work is hard on knee joints and he’s trying to take care of his TKR’s. I hope your husband can get some relief.

          • Tina S. says:

            Hi Mary, I feel for your husband. I had both my knees repaced about 6 years ago then about 1 year later had my left knee revised…then 1 year later the left knee was revised again. Both revisions were supposedly because of loosening of the components and severe pain. Then 1 year later they did an antibiotic spacer for infection with 6 weeks of IV atibiotic through a PICC line. More excruciating pain and after the antibiotic course another surgery to revise the left knee for the third revision so 5 surgeries in 4 1/2 years. It”s been almost 2 years and that revision has once again failed and the pain is the worst it’s ever been. I cannot walk more then 10 feet and I cannot straighten my leg because they put to big a wedge in and the components are loose again. It is not like I only went to 1 surgeon, I had 3 surgeons and recently went to a 4th doctor for another opinion. I don’t know what to do or where to turn. The doctors here will not touch my knee for another surgery to fix the problems because of my history. I see a pain management physician but the pain meds won’t even touch the severe pain I have on a constant basis. If anyone has any advice for me I’d appreciate it. I know I didn’t help you or your husband but I really can relate to his suffering. Thank you, Tina

          • Meli says:

            I have the same issues.

            When you are a high risk complex patient. . Any surgeon MUST review your case to decide IF they want to take you on. .m been waiting for total knee replacement for 3 years. .. nobody in AZ wants to take the case. . What a CROCK IF THEY ARE CAPABLE WHAT’S THE PROBLEM..

        • Lisa says:

          This is also a popularity contest. There are 2 New Jersey doctors who were among the first to perform knee replacement without cutting the tendon; yet, they are not listed here. I also noticed no women.

          • Linda says:

            If women aren’t on list, then it is up to them to eat busy. This isn’t a gender contest.

            I’m glad to find two excellent physicians in Denver.

      • Max says:

        You guys are not experts when it comes to knee replacement success rates. I had one done by the so-called leading orthopedic surgeon in RI in June 2015. It was a complete disaster. After 7 months of pure discomfort I went to another so-called orthopedic leader in Chestnut Hill MA and he performed the surgery at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston in March of this year. My knee is just as bad as it was too years ago. 2 different surgeons, 2 different titanium knee prosthesis, 4 days each time in the hospital, physical therapy, terrible meds, etc. and I have been unfortunate enough to find 2 boneheads who apparently don’t have a clue. I would give anything to have my quality of life back. So please, if you were fortunate enough to have successful knee replacement, don’t be so smug about this surgery being a piece of cake in this day of great medical advances until you have experienced what I have and am going through.

        • Cynthia says:

          Have you been allergy tested for metals and bone cement ?

        • Steph says:

          Max, Have you found anyone to help you? I live in NC and have had an awful experience! My mcl was cut and my replacement is loose. I am in so much pain and would give anything to be back to the status that I was before the surgery! It has been a nightmare and I am scared to death to do it again!

          • Kristie says:

            I’ve had 2 replacements also and was allergic to the nickel in the titanium on the first one. When the knee replacement was removed part of it fell out, it was very loose. I think my body desinegrated the cement. It took 21/2 yrs to find a Dr that figured out that problem. So I’ve had it replaced again with a Oxysinum made by Smith & Nephew in December of 2015. It is still warm and painfully swollen. Wondering if I am allergic to the cement that was used. What am I going to do? I wear support hose daily to help with the pain and swelling. My Dr said he’s never had anyone with this problem. Does anyone have any experience with this problem?

    • Laura says:

      Shawn I am 50 years old and had my knee replaced when I was 38. I have had nothing but trouble since day 1. If it’s so easy why are there so many compomplications!!!!! I have been researching Dr’s for months because both my knees need to be replaced. I suggest to do your homework when choosing a doctor.

    • Caleb says:

      Completely agree with the garbage research part. Orthopedics in general, and joint replacement in particular is a lucrative field and most of those “top” doctors get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to publish favorable results of the implants they get paid to use on their patients. I took my mom for a consultation with one of these docs, and he essentially gave us a lecture on how good the “knee parts” that he planned on using were. Turns out, they are made by a company called “DJO” that has been in the market for just 5 years. We thanked him for his “unbiased” opinion and never looked back.

  7. Nell Walker says:

    Dr. Springer is #1 in my book. His concern for his patients is most noted. He takes time to explain everything surrounding your care both pre-and post operative. He views the surgery as a team effort with you at the center of your recovery.

  8. John says:

    Martin Roche, providing leading technology to correctly balance the knee.

  9. Maureen Farrell says:

    Congrats to Dr. Lombardi, my hero!! Five years later and I’m still so grateful for my knees.

  10. Betsy H. says:

    Dr. M. Berend is not only a highly skilled surgeon, but a true gentleman!

  11. Karl says:

    I’m not sure who voted on this, or made the list, but most of the “great” surgeons aren’t mentioned here. This reeks of a corporate motive!

    • cat sprat says:

      Kari – Who are the “great” hip surgeons? I had a top guy but he retired and then went to Kaiser in N. CA. I’m looking for someone in Portland, Ore. but I realize that I may need to travel. Thank you.

      • Jennifer Murnin says:

        Im in 8/10 pain due to OA. Valgus 21 degrees due to femur fracture in 1976. My dr denied total knee due to my age, 51. I’m looking for other opinions until I get the opinion I want and I might have to go to India to get it but I’d appreciate any reccomendation. I’m in San Francisco and thank you so much in advance. 🙂

    • Val Diaz says:

      I just found these comments and am replying to the hip problem, I might be late on replying but who ever this might help, Dr. William Leone at holy Ross hospital in south Florida replaced my hip going on 21 years, he told me the prostheses would last about 15 years. Look him up on the internet. To me he is the best in the country. Now I’m looking at Dr. Rouch for knee replacement at holycross hospital in so. Florida

  12. Patricia Noel says:

    Live in Utah. Had replacement 2 years ago at Hoffman clinic.. Fell last year and fractured femur in 4 places. Now need to see Dr. Momburger T.OSH. , trauma surgron.Any advice for best dr?

  13. feuer says:

    great post and valid points

    • Thomas says:

      Hey your post was in 2014, were you able to get your knee replacement and if so who did it? Please tell me of your recovery time and how well you are doing now.

  14. Susan Bales says:

    Hello, I am seeking the best Orthopaedic surgeon in NC to treat my KNEE, which is likely to require a replacement. I have good insurance and time to heal right. Thanks for your help, Susan

    • Sharon says:

      Susan, my husband is still in pain 12 yrs after a knee replacement in Illinois. Now living in NC & looking for an extraordinary diagnostician and surgeon. Those we have seen have not been able to identify the problem with the replacement. Can you share your doctor’s name? Thanks, Sharon

  15. Jagtar singh says:

    Hello sir I am 25 years old my knee is fracture in 2010 , My knee is not proper work. What is my knee is replacement

  16. Greg says:

    Hey Susan, I would recommend Dr. Bolognesi in the RDU area from Duke or Dr. Springer if you’re in Charlotte. Best of luck!

    • Hilda says:

      I had a Total Knee Replacement revision done by Dr Springer. I highly recommend him. We have to drive 4 hrs. To get to his office, and it is worth
      Every time.

  17. Asif Khan says:

    Hello, I am seeking for Orthopaedic Surgeon in India, My mother having Problem in Right Knee as per the xray report doctors told Some kind of liquid is getting leak from the joint, she is not able to walk Properly, we went to some doctors in india, they said asked to take medicine and do exercise as directed by physiotherapist. We are not satisfied with their treatment, I want you to suggest me best doctors who is coming to indian Hospital from abroad for this kind of treatment.

  18. Doug says:

    I had a knee replacement done by Dr, John W. Barrington. My knee was a mess due to a high school football injury 40 years ago. Back then little was known regarding how to repair these injuries, they tried, but my knee was unstable, had no ACL for 40 years. Dr Barrington mentioned a few times that my knee will be and was a big challenge. But the end result is great, no pain and my knee is stable, I don’t think about it any more. He was educated a Boston General, the birth place of art of joint replacement, that is why I went with him.

    • Kim says:

      How does you knee replacement feel now? I have one knee I injured and had surgery on 24 years ago and the other knee has become very weak from over compensating. I live in Texas and only about an hour and 20 minutes from Dr Barrington and the drive is worth it if it is done right.

  19. Hanif says:

    Both my knees replacement, one from a soccer related injury 35 years ago and am looking for a surgeon in the Atlanta area. I would really appreciate and recommendation from previous experience.

  20. Hanif says:

    Just wanted to correct the typos – Both my knees need to be replaced. One is a 30 year old soccer injury and the other is also now causing problems as it has been compensating for a long time. I am in my early 50’s and am active with sports – now playing racquetball. I would like to continue playing (doubles racquetball) at least twice a week. I am looking for good surgeon in Atlanta to perform the replacement at least one knee to start with. I would really appreciate any recommendation from previous experiences.

  21. Sami Alghamdi says:

    Dr. Shelbourne is the best in Indiana

  22. Marni says:

    Enjoyed the read….any suggestions for central Florida? I must finally have my left knee replaced…. my quality of life is deteriorating.

    Dreading it at 53 but if I could just know that I was in excellent hands I could stop feeling frozen with the fear of being left worse off after the procedure.

    Thanks so much

    • Richard says:

      I had total knee replacement surgery in January and June (both knees). I have only one suggestion. Have your rehab done at home (by licensed rehab specialists). I went to a nursing home after the first surgery and found the experience claustrophobic! I felt like I had been chained to the bed!
      Following the second one, I elected to have all rehab done at home. For me it went a lot more smoothly. This is just a suggestion but one I’m betting you’ll wish you’d followed should you choose the nursing home route.. Good luck with your surgery..

  23. Maria Tafuri says:

    I had a knee TKR in April and made a huge mistake by going to a doctor other than Dr. Giles Scuderi. Now he has to correct my failed Knee replacement. He will be doing a TKR on my other knee and I have great faith that this one will be done correctly. He is my only hope to ever walk normally again. I was sold a bill of goods by a good salesman and terrible surgeon. What a mistake. Thank You Dr. Scuderi for your expertise and I will see you in the OR this month.

  24. susan says:

    I have a fracture in my tibial plateau and may need surgery.
    I’m looking for a doctor in the Baltimore/DC area who is excellent with this type of surgery but who also will advise me if there is another way to deal with this without “going under the knife”

    I have been told by a doctor in Columbia MD that he recommends surgery but that it is my choice in the end. Perhaps staying off of it for a few months, elevation, rest . . ?

    *The doctor I have seen has only done “several” of these surgeries.

  25. Glewis says:

    I live in Louisiana, And having to replace just one knee as of right now, Has anyone had the new (invasive Minimally knee surgery), Please reply

  26. B. Azlin says:

    Looking for a knee replacement in Tennessee.
    Looking for the best

  27. larry sayeg says:


  28. carol says:

    I live in the Austin texas area and need a total knee replacement. Any surgeon recommendations?

    • Laurie Rountree says:

      Did you find someone in Austin area and how pleased were you? I need TKR revision after continuous problems for 6 years after leg was “significantly straightened” during TKR.
      Looking for someone who uses long leg radiographs that are computer assisted to determine alignment.
      Thank you. .

      • Joy says:

        Hi, did you ever find a Dr. to do your TKR revision surgery? I am 5 months post and discovered that the implant wasnt placed right in my tibia. I know I need a revision but this time I want to go to the best surgeon for revisions.
        Any info will help,
        Thanks so much, Joy

        • Maureen says:

          I am now a 62 yr old petite Female with a history of total knee replacement almost 1 1/2 yrs ago. Outcome not satisfactory and extreme stiffness and discomfort getting worse with time Searching for EXPERT in knee revision in greater Boston but will consider travel for excellent outcome. I try to continue to be very active – golf, swim, ski, bicycle, exercise. Willing to listen to anyone with optimistic. Layman belief that device installed too large for my size frame. Possible instability of cement and/or allergic reaction (based on literature readings).

  29. Jamie Hensley says:

    Looking for the best doctor to perform a TKR on my left knee. I’m a active 42 year old athlete who enjoys activities with my kids and not ready to give that up. I enjoy recreational sand volleyball, skiing/boarding, waterskiing/wake boarding and surfing. Injured in football years ago but now getting to where it hurts with everyday activities. I currently live in Cincinnati but definitely not afraid to travel to see the right doctor. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks again

  30. Gabrielle says:

    Living in New Port Richey FL, looking for the best surgeon for knee repair, (replacement if needed). I appreciate any recommendations that anyone has to offer. I am 59, active lady and devastated not being able to walk and be myself. It has gone on lone enough, drives me crazy with pain.
    Please drop a line.

  31. Laura cole says:

    Living in New Smyrna Beach FL, looking for the best surgeon for knee replacement. I would appreciate any
    recommendations that anyone has to offer.
    I want to be able to walk with out pain.
    drop me a line….


  32. John says:

    I’ve had 15 Knee Surgeries and
    replacements on Both Knees. I now need one Replacement to be taken out and new replacement parts. Due to the complexity of this surgery, I will go anywhere in the world to have it done Right! Any High end recommendations??? Thx

  33. Rich says:

    I’ve had 2 TKA’s and 2 revisions all in one year. I still have scar tissue that bulges on the lateral side of both patella’s. Looking for the very best revision surgeon in the Chicago area to consult with on tissue build up and removal.

  34. J j says:

    Who is best surgeon in Toronto for knee replacement

  35. bob kobell says:

    i have suffered with pain in my right knee& i need replacement, as i’ve been, told, cortisone worked fine for me , but only so many times a year, the injections did nothing, i am having trouble dealing with the incompetence of the dr’s. in my area, i would be skepticle to let them give me an aspirin. i have suffered long enough, i am 78 years next week.HELP.TVM.

  36. Jim says:

    I had both knees replaced about 3 years ago. Now both replacements are loose. One of them is giving me a lot of trouble and needs replaced again. I need the best doctor in the Orlando area. Any suggestions?

    • Kris says:

      Best way is to put in the computer words like top orthopedic knee surgeon or best Doctors vote on their peers and you can find out who are the best ones are. Look for ones that have gone through a knee hip fellowship after graduation from orthopedic school. It is one extra year of focused learning on a specialty such as knee hip
      spine ect. Check the medical board and see if there are any disciplines or sanctions. Finally check the hospital for saftey and infection rate. us news and world report.

    • Seva says:

      Hi Jim, I am also looking for a surgeon in Orlando, I need my knee replaced as well. Did you find anyone that you could recommend? Also, where did you go the first time? Thanks a lot, it means a lot please let me know! Seva

  37. Tracy says:

    Any suggestions for a surgeon for TKR in Pittsburgh PA?

  38. Debby Scheitler says:

    I need to find the best orthopedic surgeon for bilateral total knee replacements in central Florida because I barely can walk anymore and stand the unbearable pain 24 / 7! Thank you! Debby

  39. Bert Starr says:

    Looking for a Surgeon who can Treat/Repair Severe Patella Baja In My Right Knee. Have Had a High Tibial Osteotomy, Total Knee, and Total Knee Revision. Thank-You!

  40. Rebecca says:

    I had a total knee replacement 1 year ago, And was in severe pain as soon as the block wore off and have been every since. I had my surgery in the Quad Cities And am now ISO another Dr. Not sure what I need but can’t take the continuous pain I’m in! I am 3 Hours from Chicago to give you some idea of my location, I’m willing to travel to find a Dr. that could help me, Or direct me to someone that can. Thank you, Rebecca

  41. Rebecca says:

    I had a total knee replacement 1 year ago and I’ve been in worse pain than I ever had prior to surgery. Chicago is only 3 hours from me would be willing to travel where someone could help me. Thank you, Rebecca

  42. B. G. says:

    I’m guessing they haven’t heard of Dr. Rick W. Bassett.

  43. Peg grant says:

    Need bilateral total knee revisions asap due to rheumatoid affecting tkr from 2012. Winston-Salem, nc area. gotta get this right!! Any advice/ suggestions/ referrals appreciated.


  44. Patti says:

    After TKR patella Baja has become seriously debilitating Who do we see? Live in Wichita, KS but willing to travel. Please help.

    • Nancy says:

      I would like to recommend Dr Michael Kimball La Jolla. California. He has done revisions on my knee that another doctor had cut too much bone off of.

  45. kelley hoskins says:

    Where and who are the top notch Doctors on the West Coast ??

  46. Marilyn says:

    I have had three knee surgeries in the past three years, two of which were new appliances. My body seems to produce a ton of scar tissue and I am in more pain now than before. Does anyone know of a doctor who is an expert in dealing with scar tissue. I live in North Carolina, but am willing to travel.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      Did you ever find the most competent knee surgeon in NC? Looking for that person for my husband for knee revision–12 yrs of pain from a replacement done in Illinois. Any feedback is much appreciated. Shron

  47. Marilyn Mikos says:

    I definitely need help with the scar tissue in my knee. I have had three surgeries,a maniupulation and it hurts worse now then before. There has to be someone out there who knows how to deal with scar tissue. I know every time the knee is opened it gets more scar tissue. We all need help here but please

    • Stella says:

      Did you find anyone who knows how to handle scar tissue issues yet? I too am suffering but can’t seem to find any doctor to listen to my particular problems. They all want to replace the knee appliance but offer no real guarantees that things will be any better.

      • Jackie P says:

        Hello… I saw your question regarding scar tissue post op knee replacement. I have heard Visceral Manipulation helps break down scar tissue. You can google what therapists in your area are certified to do Visceral Manipulation. Doctors do not know much about it.
        Best of luck, Jackie

    • Maureen says:

      I am female age 62 after total knee in 2015. My knee has more stiffness and pain now than before the surgery. Guessing it may be scar tissue, ill sized implant, allergic reaction to metals and/or cement. Likely will need revision to correct problems but MUST find a REVISION specialist who can take the time to identify the cause of the problem and then correct it. Live in Boston area, so hopefully some REVISION specialist will be identified SOON.

  48. alex says:

    I am looking for a orthopedic surgeon well versed in possible arthroscopic surgery for the knee . xray show narrowing of the medial femoral tibial articulaltion with compensatory widening of the lateral femorla tibial articualtion. there is spur formation on the superior, inferior and posterior part of the patella .I was an athlete when young and was in perfect shape until i went for a dance at a wedding on a 2 inches heel and after that i had excruciating pain in the popliteal fossa the next morning . Thereafter there was pain, swelling on and off and now i have stabbing and severe poking sensation when i stand or walk for a long time. Can u please suggest surgeon experienced in the knee problems in Bucks county , pa or anywhere in philadelphia . Thanks

  49. Elliot says:

    A list that doesn’t include Dr. Stephen Nicholas, Dr. Steven Haas and Dr. Geoffrey Westrich is seriously lacking in my opinion

  50. Dan says:

    Dr. Martin Roche, out of South FL. First he starts Mako then Orthosensor. The guys is elevating the entire field. There should be an entire post dedicated to him. 97% patient satisfaction with Orthosensor technology. Patients, do your self a favor and get on his 6 month waiting list! It’ll save your mobility!

  51. Barbara says:

    Looking for best knee replacement surgeon in Minneapolis, MN area.

  52. bmj213 says:

    I need to have knee replacement surgery. The physician who examined me recommended that I should have booth knees replaced in the same procedure. I am seeking to obtain a referral for a physician in Kansas City that embodies the qualities listed in the article. I would like to thank Dr. Hofheinz for compiling this information, Recommendations are welcome
    Thank you!

  53. Tracey says:

    Hello I am search of a doctor who does revisions on a knee that has already been replaced and had revision on. I need someone who is willing to take a unique case.

    • joy says:

      Hi, did you find a Doctor to do your revision? I had a TKR done 6 months ago that was placed at the incorrect angle and now needs a revision.
      Thanks, Joy

    • Maureen says:

      Also searching for a revision specialist and fortunate (hopefully) to find a good one in the Boston area. Waiting to identify the BEST ONE POSSIBLE to correct deficiencies from a TKR about 1 1/2 years ago. Extreme swelling, stiffness and warmth (still). Extension and flexion not ideal and I am fearful of compensating with other leg.

  54. jtay says:

    I live in Washington, DC and need a knee replacement. Any suggestions in DC, VA, or MD?

    • PatriciaC says:

      I had a complicated TKR in Aug 2014 performed by Dr Sam Sydney out f Columbia, MD. He is part of an orthopaedic group and was highly recommended by another ortho due to my complex case with past major recnstructin and prior tibia realignment. While I had significant sca buildup and required a manipulation the TKR is excellent and Dr Sydney was great. He performs surgery at St Agnes hospital, a smaller hospital tha normally wouldn’t have been my first pick, but the hospital ended up being excellent with caring staff and beautiful new facilities. Unfortunately, I fell and broke my femur two days ago inside the TKR and am facing new, even more challenging surgery. I see Dr Sydney tomorrow (my fall was in TX so have only seen ER doc there so far) but am considering driving to Philly to get a second opinion form one of the docs on this list. Very worried about this upcoming revision.

      • Kristie says:

        Patricia, Have you found a Dr to treat you? I too am having issues. This is my second revision on my right knee. I was allergic to the nickel in the first knee that was titanium. It was removed on December 2015. I still have swelling and pain and my knee is still very warm. I think I am allergic to the cement that was used during the revision surgery. I don’t know what to do now! My knee is still feverish and swollen. It has fluid on it and I still have a Bakers Cyst. my life has totally changed since my first knee surgery in 2013. I have to wear a support hose everyday to help with swelling and pain. I live on ice. Help!!!!!!!!!!

  55. kay says:

    I am looking for an experienced surgeon for a TKR in the Pacific Northwest. Spokane, Seattle, Wenatchee area. I am a recreational athlete.

  56. Julia says:

    I have had two maquet procedures on right knee now have tricompartmental disease and need total knee. I live in New Mexico. Who would have skills to do this surgery? Hope someone can help me find a doctor. Thanks. Julia

  57. Warren says:

    Looking for a great knee surgeon in Indiana.

    • Caroline says:

      I know it’s been over one year since you quested an Indiana surgeon. If you haven’t or if you’d ever need a knee revision I highly recommend R.Michael Meneghini, MD. One of the top 22 Orthopaedic surgeons in the United States. He is located in Fishers, IN at the IU Saxonly Hospitsl & physicians offices.

  58. Hailee Duan says:

    Need a best knee replacement surgeon in Seattle Washington area.

  59. steve says:

    I need both knees replaced and I am looking for the best surgeon in/around the Allentown, PA area that uses the Quadricep Sparing approach.

  60. Linda Miller says:

    Looking for doctors that open the knee from the side. Also wanting to know the name of the knee replacement that I have seen advertised, where you are able to run. I miss running…. I have heard that there is a Doctor around Chicago that is very good and does replacements from the side. I live in Iowa. I probably need replacements. I think that the previous Dr, messed up on trimming my meniscus in stead of doing a replacement. The referring doctor had told me that I needed a replacement. I have large bulges on both sides of my knee and a lot of pain. Had to quit my job last week.
    Thanks, LM

    • DosOldie says:

      I too am looking for a knee surgeon that will use a side or arthroscopic approach.. I’ll start at UofP as they are doing sone cartilage replacements.. This may be an excursion but I was told I have bone on bone arthritis 8 yrs ago when I had surgery on my opposite knee.

  61. Heather says:

    I have been urging a close friend to have surgery done on both knees. He lives in the NY area. Any recommendations, success stories about an Orthopedic surgeon in NY? My worse fear is that he does the surgery and the pain worsens. I couldn’t live with myself.

  62. soh fard says:

    I have a good Idea .I am an engineering student and had provided a method for reducing the amount of knee pain

  63. Ron says:

    I have had a total knee replacement, twice, and need to have it replaced again. My replacements have not been successful because I develop a tremendous amount of scar tissue after the surgery. I developed slightly less than 2 inches of scar tissue that completely covered the metal knee severely limiting motion. I am looking for a surgeon who specializes in total knee replacements that scar over like this. I am willing to go wherever I need to to get a more successful outcome from my next replacement. Are there any orthopedic surgeons with this particular skill set, if so who are they and where may I contact them?

    • Kristie says:

      Have you found anyone to help you with your knee problem? I am looking for a Dr to help me too.

    • Maureen says:

      Sure sounds like scar tissue build-up is a MAJOR problem for the 5-10% of those with TKR experiencing problems. PLEASE Drs if you are reading this – publish so others can learn how to address this painful outcome.
      Looking for experienced surgeon in Boston to correct TKR deficiencies.

  64. bobbie brunk says:

    I’ve had one partial, one total, and two revisions on the same knee, I’m in constant pain again,The Cleveland Clinic said, my pain is caused from the damage done by the previous surgeries. They said my knee is a mess, but wouldn’t do surgery because of the previous damage. Recommended I see a pain specialist. Which I have, but it has not helped. I need an expert in problem surgeries. Any recommendations?

  65. I need to know that who is the best Dr for knee replacement in northside hosptial, Atlanta, GA

  66. Ronald J Giddy says:

    Like you I had a partial done 7 years ago on my left knee and when the doctor released me I told him that the knee wasn’t right. I was able to manage it till February 2016 and another doctor did a TKR on it. The doctor said that to get the partial out he had to cut off more bone. I am now 6 months post surgery and have to take pain medication several times a day for the pain. I too would like to find a doctor who is an expert in revisions. If you find one I would appreciate knowing his name. Thanks

  67. Lynn says:

    HSS in NYC fixed a failed THA. I think they are amazing. Now looking for a Totak knee surgeon in Denver????

  68. Teresa says:

    Need a San Francisco Bay Area TKR surgeon recommendation please!!

  69. Robert Zanvettor says:

    Looking for the best knee surgeon in Connecticut

  70. Ken says:

    Had both knees replaced one year ago, all was good until 3 months ago when my right knee swells for no apparent reason, ice for a few hours and after good nights rest the swelling is down and it is ok, this happens a few times a week, any suggestions????

    • PatriciaC says:

      Ken, my surgeon warned me several times that apparent random knee swelling was not uncommon during the first year or so. I would discuss with your ortho surgeon. In my case, at my first year post surgery consult, my X-ray showed I had broken my patella sometime after surgery so that likely caused much of my swelling. I have no idea when or how this happened but fo remember a time when I had increased swelling and pain for a while. My dr recommended I undertake physical therapy to strengthen my knee as it felt a bit weak and would buckle on occasion due to the patella break — his goal and mine was to avoid further surgery. Unfortunately, I fell and broke my femur within my TKR a couple days ago and must now have a complicated revision.

  71. Liz Harris says:

    Looking for the best knee specialist / surgeon in South Florida. Also the best neurologist and neck specialist as I also have a bad cervical injury.

    Scared to have the wrong diagnostic.

    Any names ?

  72. Luke A says:

    I have a torn ACL and meniscus. I saw a local Surgeon which had not even looked at my MRI results. I am not put off by the experience alone but it prompted me to do some research. Any recommendations for a good ACL reconstruction surgeon in South Carolina?

  73. Deb E says:

    Nice case study for the right doctor. Left knee troubling me (again). Had reconstruction done on it 10+ yrs ago. Believe I’ve torn the meniscus or else, I’ve popped the ACL again. Looking for the best ortho/knee surgeon in greater NY area. I’m in my mid 50’s still somewhat active/competitive, & need to be able to walk/exercise. Any recommendations? Read good things about Dr. Scuderi & Dr. K. Montgomery. Need to do this asap; out of work & the clock’s running!

  74. Heidi says:

    Any top knee surgeon in Maryland?

    • PatriciaC says:

      Heidi, I had an excellent TKR experience with Dr Sam Sydney who has offices in Columbia and Catonsville. He was highly recommended by my usual orthopedic dr, who said Dr Sydney would be great at handling my complex case of TKR on a knee that had significant prior surgeries including tibia realignment. Dr Sydney performs surgery at St Agnes hospital, which wasn’t my first choice a the time, but I ended up having an excellent experience at St Agnes and would now highly recommend it. The staff were caring, friendly and attentive, unlike Howard County Hospital, and the hospital had beautiful new facilities including wonderful, large private rooms for ortho patients. Good luck!

  75. Caroline says:

    I need to have total knee replacement done on both knees. But I was told it is better to do one at time. I am looking for recommendations for a surgeon in Great Philadelphia area.

  76. Paul Bell says:

    I need a total knee replacement, I am looking for a top surgeon in Long Island N.Y. who specializes in knee replacement. My other knee will also need replacement in the near future

    • Donna says:

      I too am looking for a reputable dr on Long Island. Have you found one yet? I am also willing to have the surgery done in NYC, but I need a doctor who takes comp.
      Good Luck to you!

  77. Joan Smith says:

    i need to find a knee specialist in ME.CLOSE TO PORTLAND,ME

  78. Carol says:

    I had a total knee replacement 2 years ago. Need to replace this implant due to instability/pain (wrong implant). Looking for Doctor who specializes in total knee revisions. Has to be experienced with complicated cases. Be able to address ligaments and bone alignment issues. I want T’s crossed and I’s dotted. Check for bone & cement allergies, are my bones in good shape or will I need grafting?, what is the current status of my supporting ligaments? I want to find an implant that works for my situation not a doctor who will only implant what he knows or is familiar with. Looking for experienced/qualified and caring doctor. Can anyone suggest someone? Must have good track record in this area of expertise. Thanks

    • Maureen says:

      Carol, my outcome sounds very similar to yours. TKR surgery 12/2015 so I am almost 1 1/2 yrs out. It was never right despite 8 months of PT (before and after surgery). Possible instability (2nd opinion), but I feel device incorrectly sized and.or possible allergic reaction due to more pain recently. Extreme stiffness, swelling, lack of good extension and flexion. I’m unhappy with outcome as I am a very active 62 year old female – golf, ski, swim, exercise, bicycle, etc. Located near Boston but will consider travel for a great outcome. PLEASE HELP with a referral. Good luck to you as well.

  79. I am only 46. I have had three scrapes on the left knee and one on the right. I have done the eight weeks of shots with roster injections in both knees. I have had the cortisone injections. I have been told by three different doctors a knee replacement is in my future. I am tired of fighting the battle. My life has become a constant of living with knee pain. Knee pain has led to a lower quality of life. I have stopped doing things I love because it hurts too much. I am tired of people saying, “You’re dragging your leg.” or “You okay, you’re limping.” I need insight on doctors in North Louisiana, West Texas, or anywhere in Arkansas. Thanks for your help.

  80. J Hoyt says:

    My advice about any serious surgery, don’t limit yourself to where you live. My husband had surgery that due to a particular risk caused us to travel from Tennessee to Baltimore to Johns Hopkins University Medical Center. I will do the same thing with my total knee replacement. I have some complicating circumstances due to previous surgeries on that knee, so I am looking for a doctor that takes that all into account. Just don’t restrict yourself to your State because there just may not be a really good surgeon there. The Doctor who does minimally invasive total knee is Dr. Berger at Rush Medical Hospital in Chicago, IL. He pretty much developed the procedure. There appears the be more problems with what replacement material used, then actually the skill of the surgeon. Loose total knee joints became a problem with one particular company. Rush Orthopedists stopped using the company and representing the manufacturer. So, research what company product your doctor is going to utilize too.

  81. Missy Ward says:

    I broke my femur in 2 places over 30 years ago. It has always been leaning outward with uneven weight distribution. It has hurt for years but is getting worse. I consulted a friend/trauma surgeon and he said it was a very complicated surgery – rebuilding my knee and leg. Anyone out there with experience? Thanks!

  82. Ellen R Thompson says:

    Dr. Jess H. Lonner, M.D. absolutely the BEST surgeon! HE IS EXCELLENT! He did total knee replacements (5 months apart – Nov. 2013 and May 2014) on both of my knees. I am so blessed to have had him as my surgeon. I give thanks to God for placing me in Dr, Lonner’s care.


  83. Pam Smith says:

    I am looking for an orthopedic surgeon, anywhere, and the best, who repairs patella Baja. (One year after aTKR).
    Thank you.

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