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Your First Medical Cannabis Seminar?

Photo creation by RRY Publications, LLC, Wikimedia Commons and Bill Koplitz

Medical marijuana/cannabis has become a kind of free radical in U.S. healthcare. It’s a fact of life for about 3 million U.S. patients and growing fast. Yet physicians don’t prescribe or monitor its use. Time for a best evidence, best practices seminar. In Orlando. October 25. Email to register.

The Genetic Origins of Spinal Stenosis; Robust Steroid Study for Knee OA; New Tool Improves Surgical Training

Source: Wikimedia Commons and BruceBlaus

University of Hong Kong researchers are advancing our understanding of the etiology of spinal stenosis. OA Study: intra-articular corticosteroid injections give less pain, better function…for some. UK researchers find that Cognitive Task Analysis furthers surgical training.


After 8 Years, Stem Cells Are Still Rehydrating Discs

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Olga Maslova

First sheep. Then humans in a four-arm, Level 1 study. Six million living cells cuts pain about 50%, lasts three years. Oh, and the discs rehydrate. It’s been eight years since the first sheep study. What’s happened since? Phase 2 data, three-year follow up was just released. Phase 3 is starting. It is working in humans, too.

NuVasive Sues Former President and Industry Veteran Pat Miles

Views of the front of NuVasive, Inc. headquarters in San Diego, CA. and Pat Miles / Courtesy of NuVasive, Inc.

NuVasive’s Pat Miles jumped ship to lead Alphatec. NuVasive is suing accusing Miles of “scheming” to steal employees, secrets and customers. Miles said he’ll clear his name. Here, we detail the allegations. In the meantime, the battle for surgeon customers takes off.


Hip Fracture Comorbidity Tips; Oxford UKA vs TKA Re-Op Rate; Anand Spine Group to Tackle TOPS

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Booyabazooka

Study: it’s imperative to manage comorbidities in order to boost outcomes. Oxford Phase 3 UKA holds its own against TKA. And the Anand Spine Group is one of 30 centers selected to evaluate the TOPS System for degenerative Grade I spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis.