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Courtesy of American Joint Replacement Registry

AJRR: First-Ever Data Summary for Patients

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Thu, August 17th, 2017

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The American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) has announced the publication of the 2016 Report to the Public About Hip and Knee Replacements, the first-ever patient summary of the clinical data available in its Annual Report.

“Spearheaded by members of our Public Advisory Board, this report was developed to share what we are learning about hip and knee replacement surgery in the United States,” said Daniel J. Berry, M.D., AJRR Board of Directors Chair, in the July 24, 2017 news release. “We are proud to publish and release this report so patients can better understand how that information is being used to continually improve the quality of their care.”

“AJRR is committed to producing this report every year, in conjunction with the year-end publication of its Annual Report,” writes the organization in its news release. “The report can be accessed on the AJRR website and will be made available to AJRR’s 1,000+ participating institutions, as well as industry-leading consumer groups, all of whom are encouraged to share it with the public and their members.”

“The Public Advisory Board is chaired by AJRR Board Member Margaret VanAmringe, M.H.S. and includes John A. Canning Jr., David G. Mekemson, Timothy M. Mojonnier, Richard Seiden, Esq., Diana Stilwell, M.P.H., and staffed by Lori Boukas, M.S.”

Diana Stilwell told OTW, “The key trends we’re seeing are the increase in the number of participating hospitals and the corresponding increase in the number of implants/procedures included in the American Joint Replacement Registry. It’s also interesting to note the decline in hip resurfacing, as well as the increase in the number of 'linked' arthroplasties which, over time, will allow clinicians and patients to better understand and manage factors that increase a patient’s chance of needing a repeat joint replacement.”

To access the 2016 Report to the Public About Hip and Knee Replacements, visit

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