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Digital physical therapy (PT) platform, BetterPT / Courtesy of Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), Global Innovation Institute (GII), and BetterPT

An “Open Table” Model for PT Scheduling?

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Thu, November 16th, 2017

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Physical therapy is challenging enough without scheduling hassles. Now, New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and its Global Innovation Institute (GII) have established a partnership with a new digital physical therapy (PT) platform, BetterPT that should make things a bit easier.

According to HSS, “BetterPT is a digital resource and platform that builds on the HSS experience of helping patients find the highest level of rehabilitation care close to where they live or work.”

“Through the BetterPT app and online service, patients can conveniently connect to the HSS Rehabilitation Network’s highly qualified therapists.”

“Physical therapy visits are frequently canceled because of the challenges patients face and together, BetterPT and HSS are striving to make the entire process more user-friendly and accessible. BetterPT will leverage HSS’s expertise in provider credentialing and clinical care to open up greater opportunities for patients to access high-quality physical therapy where they live and work.”

“…BetterPT has adopted the ‘Open Table’ model and applied it to physical therapy.”

“While being HIPAA compliant, patients, physical therapy clinics, and provider-based institutions now have the ease of direct scheduling via web-based and mobile applications. The patient can select a provider and book an appointment based on location, insurance carrier, clinic name, physical therapist, and available day and time. Equally as important, patients can also pay for their treatment and seamlessly manage their history, including access to ICD-10 codes, for insurance reimbursement.”

“HSS and our Surgeon-inventors and cofounders are leading experts in clinical care and are developing technologies, devices and therapeutics to deliver what we do for our patients at HSS and at scale to global audiences. Better PT is one of the many exciting partnerships that will deliver on our promise to see HSS knowledge extended around the globe,” said Louis A. Shapiro, HSS president and CEO.

Leonard Achan, R.N., M.A., A.N.P., chief innovation officer at HSS, told OTW, "This is an exciting opportunity to leverage HSS’ knowledge and BetterPT's technology to create a frictionless system for patients and PT providers. The ability to locate, schedule, and manage insurance and billing needs while choosing quality care providers in a few clicks gets patients better, faster.”

Stephen Fealy, M.D., co-founder of BetterPT and a sports medicine surgeon at HSS, commented to OTW, “BetterPT will remove an existing barrier for both the patient and provider. Being able to book and manage your physical therapy visits through a mobile app will be a slightly disruptive change that helps to ease the patient and provider experience without compromising the delivery of care.”

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