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Courtesy of Burst Biologics

Burst Biologics Rebrands Bone Product Line

Tracey Romero • Wed, November 15th, 2017

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Burst Biologics recently launched a rebranding of BioBurst Captiv, a new product line that offers cellular therapy solutions for bone regeneration.

According to a press release, Captiv allografts can support bone regeneration in spinal fusions and general orthopedic surgeries. BioBurst Captiv come in sponges, strips, granules and putty.

“After solidifying brands for its two fluid allograft product lines, BioBurst Fluid and BioBurst Rejuv, Burst Biologics turned to its popular line of bone products for a long-awaited refresh. This rebranding effort culminated in BioBurst Captiv, a name that evokes the ‘captivating’ results patients and physicians have seen from these products,” the press release states.

In addition, the new look is meant to represent “the way Captiv bone products stand out in the bone consolidation space.”

Burst Biologics CEO Chris Jones said in the release, “As a result of feedback we received, the company has placed its efforts into rebranding our bone product line to reflect just how special it is.”

He added, “Physicians have been using our bone products for several years now to help patients recover from difficult surgeries. We are proud to provide such a dynamic portfolio of products.”

Burst Biologics is a medical research and biotechnology company headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Learn more about the company and their line of products at

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