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Courtesy of Catchwind Pediatric Innovations

Catchwind Pediatric Innovations Moves to Incubology

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Thu, March 16th, 2017

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Catchwind Pediatric Innovations has announced that it will now be housed at “Incubology, a 40,000-square-foot facility with wetlab, office and clean room space for startups that is opening at the 4Front Technology & Office Campus located in Oakdale, Minnesota.”

According to the March 10, 2017 news release, “Incubology provides space for multiple disciplines including pharma, biotech, device, nano, chemical and IT industries. The medical device industry is failing children. Adult devices are makeshifted to fit children because of high development costs, lack of resources, and limited funding due to market size.”

“Catchwind Pediatric Innovations is the solution. Catchwind is a global device ecosystem with direct access to stakeholders, investors and resources who are focused on bringing pediatric technology to market more cost and time effectively.”

“Catchwind has partnered with over 70 companies in six countries, and now has four technology companies within the accelerator. These partnerships and resources like Incubology, allow Catchwind to incubate companies from concept to commercialization. The foundational goal of the organization is to provide an environment that supports start-ups and entrepreneurs developing within the pediatric space.”

Catchwind Pediatric Innovations CEO and Co-founder Angel Adams stated, "I love the idea of Incubology. They are providing the necessary resources and space for start-ups who will have access to clean rooms and labs. This will be a huge benefit for the MedTech industry," said Adams. "By partnering with Incubology, we will be able to give our device companies the resources they need to get to market."

Eddie Moradian, Incubology Co-CEO added, "We are excited to welcome Catchwind Pediatric Innovations to Incubology and to provide the space and infrastructure needed to make Catchwind's ventures and projects as successful as possible."

Angel Adams told OTW, “The most exciting thing about the collaboration is that we both share the same vision and we complement one another. Catchwind and Incubology both provide access to resources within the medical device industry. By coming together, we are able to give device companies all the resources they need to get to market.”

“The pediatric device market represents only 5% of the overall global device industry and adult devices are makeshifted to fit children. Surgeons do not have the necessary devices and the majority of the devices they use, are used off label.”

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