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Biologics Feature

Courtesy of Ortho Regenerative Technologies, Inc.

Chitosan-Based Products Beat PRP Alone

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Thu, December 14th, 2017

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Researchers from the Biomedical Engineering Institute, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada, have found that Ortho Regenerative Technologies, Inc.’s “Ortho-R” implants release more growth factors and stay in the body longer than platelet rich plasma (PRP) alone.

The article, “Chitosan inhibits platelet-mediated clot retraction, increases platelet-derived growth factor release, and increases residence time and bioactivity of platelet-rich plasma in vivo,” appears in the November 10, 2017 edition of Biomedical Materials.

The authors wrote, “Gravimetric measurements and molecular/cellular imaging studies revealed that clot retraction is inhibited in CS-PRP hybrid clots through physical coating of platelets, blood cells and fibrin strands by chitosan, which interferes with platelet aggregation and platelet-mediated clot retraction.”

“Flow cytometry and ELISA assays revealed that platelets are activated and granules secreted in CS-PRP hybrid clots and that cumulative release of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF-AB) and epidermal growth factor is higher from CS-PRP hybrid clots compared to PRP clots in vitro.”

“Finally, CS-PRP implants resided for up to 6 weeks in a subcutaneous implantation model and induced cell recruitment and granulation tissue synthesis, confirming greater residency and bioactivity compared to PRP in vivo.”

"As evidence continues to mount that our proprietary biopolymer platform holds significant promise for improving the repair of three distinct joint tissues—rotator cuff tendons, meniscus and articular cartilage—our focus continues to be on advancing the technology's development and eventual product adoption," said the corporation's Executive Chairman and CEO Brent Norton, M.D.

Dr. Norton told OTW, “For the first time, our Ortho-R hybrid implants offers surgeons and patients the potential of actually fixing soft tissue injuries instead of just treating the often devastating complications associated with them.”

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