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CollPlant: New Agreements and Product Development

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Tue, April 18th, 2017

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CollPlant Ltd, a regenerative medicine company based in Israel, is the manufacturer of a plant-based rhCollagen technology for tissue repair products. The company has recently announced the signing of new distribution and sales agreements, new product development, and joint ventures.

According to the March 30, 2017 news release, CollPlant has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Florida-based Arthrex GmbH to distribute Vergenix STR, CollPlant's CE Mark-approved treatment for tendinopathy, in Europe, and has supplied Arthrex with first orders. In other news from Europe, CollPlant has completed several commercial treatments in Switzerland and Italy, and physician feedback regarding patient results have been very positive.

“CollPlant has also reported extensively for the first time on the development of its collagen-based biological ink, bioInk, for use in 3D printing of organs and tissues,” says the news release. “Specifically, the Company is developing rhCollagen-based bioInk formulations for indications including skin, orthopedics, ophthalmology, heart and lung. The Company's goal for the coming year includes working with a strategic international partner to further develop a specific indication of this product.”

Company CFO Eran Rotem told OTW, “CollPlant signed a distribution agreement with Arthrex regarding Vergenix STR, a product for treatment of tendinopathy (tendon inflammation). Arthrex is considered to be the leader in sports medicine. Arthrex has a strong marketing presence in Europe and wide business relations with orthopedic [surgeons] that treat tendinopathy. Arthrex has a PRP [platelet rich plasma] product that works together with CollPlant’s Vergenix STR. Arthrex has the desire for new products for additional orthopedic indications. VergenixSTR is a platform for new products and CollPlant and Arthrex are exploring additional opportunities to work together.”

Asked how the rhCollagen-based bioInk will be used in orthopedics, Rotem stated, “CollPlant’s rhCollagen-based BioInk offers ideal characteristics for 3D bioprinting: Biocompatible—supports cell viability, a controlled degradation profile, optimized viscosity and gelation kinetics, and a printed construct maintains that physical properties that are compatible with natural tissue.”

“We developed a universal Nano-BioInk for 3D Bioprinting of tissues and organs, like bones and cartilage.

Bioprinting of tissues and organs includes the use of different printing technics, like Extrusion or Inkjet bioprinting, and a process that involves a Bioreactor and other procedures.”

“CollPlant’s rhCollagen is an ideal scaffolding molecule for tissue repair products, as it is bio-functional, homogenous and safe for use. VergenixSTR is product platform for Soft Tissue Repair, and in addition to treatment of tendinopathy it can be potentially used for ACL, RCR, cartilage and meniscus repair.”

“CollPlant developed a surgical matrix for spine fusion and trauma indications that is based on CollPlant’s rhCollagen and minerals, and enables a sustained release of growth factors for optimal bone growth.”

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  1. Jordi says:

    when is it gonna go? NASDAQ?

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