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DARI Predictive Motion Platform Wins Innovation Contract

Walter Eisner • Mon, March 20th, 2017

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To be good at managing the risks of a bundled payment program, you need data. Lots of data about your individual patients and your patient population.

On March 15, 2017, it was announced that the largest member-owned health care performance improvement company in the U.S., Vizient, Inc., granted an Innovative Technology contract to Scientific Analytics, Inc. (SAI), for SAI's DARI Motion Health technology platform.

According to the SAI announcement, DARI helps healthcare providers with identifying priority business initiatives, including:

  • Mitigate risk associated with new bundled care payment models
  • Provide personal care pathways for better medical outcomes
  • Promote wellness programs for employees and corporate partners
  • Strengthen local ties through community outreach

Hospital members who serve on one of Vizient's member-led councils, made the recommendation to offer a three-year contract to SAI.

Biomechanical Data

SAI's chief innovation officer, Dennis Schulz, said the company can, "rapidly provide a person's biomechanical data in a useful format for accurate diagnosis, informed rehabilitation, and injury prevention."

Accurate diagnosis, successful rehabilitation and injuries prevention are three key ingredients for providers to get right if they want to reduce their risks in a bundled payment program.

DARI collects, processes and reports data from lunges, stretches, rotations, steps and balance postures. Providers can apply DARI to corporate wellness programs, states the SAI website, and "help reduce costs associated with bone and joint health."

"Due to the number of products and services being released and marketed as 'innovative', member hospitals value the thorough innovative technology review process in place at Vizient to help them identify products worth further evaluation at their own facilities," said Debbie Archer, director of procurement and leader of Vizient's Innovative Technology program for suppliers. "After a full review of DARI, Vizient's member council agreed this solution offers unique and incremental benefit over other products available on the market today, and recommended it for an Innovative Technology contract."

Vizient was formerly known as VHA Inc., University Health System Consortium, Novation and MedAssets' Spend and Clinical Resource Management. Since 2003, nearly 2,200 new and innovative products and technologies have been submitted through the Vizient Innovative Technology program. Vizient works with member-led councils and task forces to identify and review potentially innovative products.


DARI, states the announcement, is a proprietary markerless motion capture technology using sophisticated biomechanical algorithms. Without attaching markers or calibrating force plates, DARI performs a "comprehensive biomechanical analysis in as few as five minutes, and delivers objective and actionable data to clinicians and patients just seconds after the scan."

The company claims the data can then be leveraged to "identify possible threats to bone and joint health, avoid potential injuries proactively, improve personalized training and rehabilitation services, and reduce overall healthcare costs with preventative care and wellness recommendations–empowering patients to predict and prevent injury, recover faster, and achieve better health outcomes."

The information from the technology can also be used to generate some revenue by selling the information for orthopedics, physical therapy and sports performance, to occupational health and corporate/employee wellness providers.

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