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Courtesy of 3D4Medical

Faster Ortho Consultation in a Novel New APP

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Mon, June 5th, 2017

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No more plastic models and scribbled diagrams?

Dublin-based 3D4Medical has released a suite of personalized orthopedic animations and remote patient consents which not only create a more informed patient but also speeds up the doctor patient consulting process. It’s called Complete Ortho.

The app, a first of a series of new medical consultation apps from 3D4Medical, runs on iPhone and iPad and is available to orthopedic surgeons and clinics around the world. The general public may also access General Ortho at no charge!

Maurice Neligan, MB BCh BAO MMedSci FRSCI FRCSI (Tr & Orth), director of Orthopaedic Surgery at Ireland’s Beacon Hospital and associate clinical professor at University College Dublin School of Medicine, stated in the May 9, 2017 company news release, “Complete Ortho is a significant advancement in engaging patients. It dispenses with the need for plastic models and scribbled diagrams, replacing them with top-quality illustrations, animations, and information that are personalized to the patient’s pathology and treatment.”

“It is well-known that better-engaged patients have better outcomes and the information generated from patient engagement with Complete Ortho allows a more robust consent process for treatment, lowering the risk of malpractice litigation and the process can be seamlessly incorporated into existing practice models with little or no increase in consultation time.”

CEO and founder of 3D4Medical, John Moore, told OTW, “The most clinically interesting part of our work is ultimately the impact that our technology will have on outcomes. Having said that, our most immediate impact is to help the surgeon speed-up the consultation process while, at the same time, making the consultation as valuable as possible as patients will now take away with them a comprehensive synopsis of the consultation in the form of animations, screenshots and written information that they can review and share as often as they like during their care pathway.”

“It has additional benefits of increased patient engagement and satisfaction, affording the patient a better understanding of their condition and treatment options. Based on a study referenced by Medscape and introduced at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in 2017, uninformed patients have worse surgical outcomes—consequently, the corollary is true that informed patients have better surgical outcomes.”

“Orthopedic surgeons can create a very visual custom digital consultation using cutting-edge 3D technology for a patient in 2-½ minutes.”

“The patient can then access the highlights of the consultation through a HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996]-compliant server at any time in their own space and privacy that clearly explains their anatomy, condition and treatment options.”

“We have been working with Apple for years to design something that is simple, easy to use and incredibly functional. This platform allows the orthopedic surgeon to track who has opened the digital consultation, who has watched, read and understood the animations and information, and who is ready to take the next step with their care. The application even has a consent offering that the patients can sign remotely, allowing the patient to demonstrate that they have understood everything that has been explained to them to date.”

“We are currently integrating the application into EMRs [electronic medical records] and we of course will be adapting and changing elements of the platform for enterprise clients but the more fundamental changes that we are making going forward are the addition of further patient engagement tools as well as a rehabilitation section to ensure seamless integration of all patient interactions all throughout the healthcare journey.”

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