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Kornelis Poelstra, M.D. / Courtesy of Kornelis Poelstra, M.D., Maxor Robotics, and Sacred Heart Health System

Florida Doc 1st to Reach 200 Spine Robot Procedures

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Thu, June 8th, 2017

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Kornelis Poelstra, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon and founder of The Spine Center of Excellence at Sacred Heart on the Emerald Coast in Destin, Florida, is the first surgeon to reach the milestone of 200 patient procedures using the newly launched Mazor X Surgical Assurance platform.

According to a May 15, 2017 Mazor news release, “Dr. Poelstra, who is a pioneer of MIS [minimally invasive spine] pedicle systems, lateral interbody cages and reconstructive systems, has used the Mazor X to benefit patients in a wide variety of spinal procedures. Recently, he also performed the first ever Mazor X lateral procedure, which enables posterior instrumentation without requiring the patient to be repositioned from their side to a prone position during surgery, saving valuable operating room time.”

Christopher Prentice, CEO of Mazor Robotics Inc. added “Dr. Poelstra’s experience with the Mazor X represents what we at Mazor believe is the optimization of spine surgery. The synergy between surgeon skill and enabling technology that maximizes patient benefit.”

Dr. Poelstra told OTW, “The proven ability to perform trajectory guidance and place spinal instrumentation with greater precision than possible with ‘free-hand’ MIS or open spinal surgery adds tremendously to greater patient safety, less blood loss and faster recovery.”

“The efficiency of the pre-planning process allows for much improved ability to focus on the difficult parts of the surgery intra-operatively (osteotomies, revision decompressions and restoration of proper spinal balance) as the instrumentation of even the most difficult pedicles suddenly has become a relatively simple and straightforward process. This takes significant stressors away and allows me to be a better surgeon.”

“Robotic spine surgery using the Mazor X has allowed me to be much better prepared when I come to the operating room (OR). Although you may be really good at instrumenting pedicles now, it still takes quite a bit of 'work' during the case, while trajectory guidance over a pre-planned trajectory using ‘X’ can take that largely away from you. Keeping patients in one position after lateral interbody reconstruction (‘X-Lat’) and placing posterior pedicle fixation with comfort using robotic guidance reduces 60 minutes of OR time per case and the OR flow is greatly enhanced.”

“Because of greater surgical efficiency in my OR, reduction in fluoroscopy time and shorter anesthesia times, patients recover faster. We’ve presented studies at recent meetings, including the International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques, the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery, the North American Spine Society, and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2017 that show significantly reduced re-operation rates and peri-operative complications with robotic guidance, while improving patient outcomes.”

“Enhanced robotic surgery is coming to assist us with global balance correction (X-Align) and decompressions and the predictability of it all can take away undesired surprises, ultimately to the benefit of your patient population. Learning the nuances now of robotics in your OR will get you ready for when the next generation robots are coming!”

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