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Instrument Sharpening / Courtesy of gSource, LLC

gSource Opens Instrument Repair Center

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Thu, September 7th, 2017

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gSource, LLC, based in Emerson, New Jersey, has announces the opening of an Instrument Repair Center located within their company headquarters. The gSource Repair Center offers instrument sharpening, spring and screw replacement and refurbishing repair services to ensure quality performance during the entire life of an instrument. Highly skilled in-house repair technicians will expertly sharpen, refurbish and repair gSource instruments, and other instrument brands, according to gSource Verified Quality standards.

Gerd Billmann, president of gSource, said in the company’s August 11, 2017 news release, “We are pleased to be able to open our Instrument Repair Center in response to the needs of our customers. Our customers invest in high quality surgical instruments because they know the value of purchasing a better instrument. A better instrument reduces distractions and facilitates surgical procedures. It helps a surgeon perform at his/her best and leads to better results. Proper care, maintenance and repair are essential to extending the life of an instrument…”

“With the services provided by our Instrument Repair Center, customers can be confident that their instruments will function properly during critical surgical procedures and will be returned to them in a timely and economical manner. Our superior customer service teamed with our expert instrument repair technicians will ensure customers receive an excellent repair service.”

Gerd Billmann told OTW, “Surgeons demand instruments that perform with precise surgical function during critical procedures in order to reduce distractions and operate with confidence. Proper care, maintenance and repair are essential to extending the life of an instrument. Refurbishing helps bring an instrument back to ‘like-new’ condition and maintain its optimal function. gSource has always been committed to putting the finest surgical instruments into the hand of surgeons and their teams. By offering sharpening and refurbishing repair services, we are now expanding upon our commitment.”

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