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Sports Medicine Feature

Source: Tom’s Hardware and Soul Electronics

Headphones Double for Running Coach

Biloine W. Young • Mon, January 15th, 2018

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For the committed runner who “has everything” here is something new.

It is a set of in-ear headphones that the manufacturers claim will diagnose and correct a runner’s running form. It is as if the runner has a running coach in each ear analyzing the run and giving helpful advice.

While the runner is running, the headphone sensors track different parameters integral to good form and preventing injury.

Some are cadence (steps per minute), step length, step width, vertical oscillation (the up and down bounce of the runner’s body), head tilt angle, stance/flight time, shock, maximum leg force, balance, and consistency.

If any of these fall outside an optimal range, the app’s digital trainer will tell the runner in the headphones what to adjust to correct their form. Ideally, this should help people who must be mindful of existing injuries and prevent injuries from happening to begin with.

The Run Free Pro Bio earphones, will be available in the spring while the earphones and Blade will be available in the fall. Both are made by Soul Electronics of Redlands, California.

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