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Mercy Medical Center, Durango, Colorado/Source: Courtesy of Durango Telegraph

Integra LifeSciences Scores Surgical First

Biloine W. Young • Mon, March 31st, 2014

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Douglas Orndorff, M.D. has implanted Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation’s first laminoplasty system in the U.S. (the implant and instruments by Integra LifeSciences). The surgery occurred in March 2014 at Mercy Medical Center in Durango, Colorado (see image). The system is used to treat patients with ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament, cervical myelopathy and degenerative spinal canal stenosis.

Orndorff said, “Integra's Laminoplasty system provides surgeons with a versatile solution for treatment of central canal stenosis. The patient presented with progressive cervical myelopathy, had lordotic cervical alignment, and no neck pain. She was the ideal candidate for this laminoplasty procedure."

The surgeon added that the instrumentation was easy to work with and allowed for predictable placement of the plate and screws. "The plate's arched radius is ideal for spinal canal expansion, and the foot on the plate provided effective initial stability. It is also possible to contour and trim the plate to accommodate variable patient anatomy, " he said.

Brian Larkin, Integra’s president for spine, indicated that the Integra Laminoplasty System is designed for use after open-door laminoplasty procedures in the cervical and thoracic spine (C3-T3). The system encompasses a variety of arched plate designs, self-drilling bone screws and multiple insertion options, offering surgeons choices when treating patients with central canal stenosis and myelopathy. "The Integra Laminoplasty System complements and expands our posterior cervical portfolio and offers surgeons an anatomic solution for laminoplasty procedures, ” he said.

Integra’s news release estimated that the global laminoplasty market would reach approximately $70 million by 2015.

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One Response to “Integra LifeSciences Scores Surgical First”

  1. Jerry McNeal says:

    So what the big deal. There’s a lot of laminoplasty systems on the mkt. the highlights that were listed are common on most systems.

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