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Courtesy of Invibio

Invibio Ups Investments in Studies, Facilities, Component Testing

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Thu, November 30th, 2017

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Invibio Biomaterial Solutions, based in Thorton Cleveleys, UK, has announced investment in a series of strategies to improve product development, including clinical-study expertise, component manufacturing facilities and component testing.

In addition, the company has launched a new website that, “…efficiently provides information on materials and applications to OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] and Health Care Professionals (HCPs), and a comprehensive journal with further scientific information and clinical evidence.”

John Devine, medical business director at Invibio Biomaterial Solutions, said in the news release, “When faced with delivering a consistent, quality of healthcare at the lowest cost, the market has yet to create an environment that encourages more ambitious solutions than simply preserving the status quo at a fractionally reduced price.”

According to Invibio, “To help raise its own bar for patient care and provide even greater clinical efficacy, Invibio recently recruited a clinical study manager and is working with Health Care Professionals (HCPs), medical device manufacturers and other stakeholders to determine the clinical and economic impact of its solutions. The company has also brought in clinical relations expertise to interact with HCPs, hospitals and payers.”

Invibio is also launching a new comprehensive annual journal, the “Invibio Insider,” which in part will deepen understanding of the levels of clinical evidence, different approaches for treating challenging patients.

John Devine told OTW, “This funding will provide early adopters of new technology vital clinical evidence in order to establish the true benefits of changing biomaterials. By investing in clinical evidence and device development we hope to be able to provide value for lots of stakeholders in helping them select and deploy solutions that provide proven clinical and economic benefits. The funding will also allow us to accelerate the time to market for device companies who then work with us to serve the surgeon demand for these new solutions.”

“We see surgeon input and surgeon feedback as a key part of our decision making process. We want to understand the surgeons unmet needs and determine if we can meet these. We understand the vast array of information that surgeons are asked to assimilate and our goal is to work with them to generate high quality clinical evidence and then to find ways of clearly communicating this evidence to help them de-risk new technology adoption and improve patient outcomes.”

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  1. Allan John Marmont says:

    Hi, I have had a high tibial osteotomy on my left knee.
    Can this process help to grow cartridge and I also have OA in my thumbs.
    Can the process also be used on my thumbs.
    Thank you

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