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Source: Maxx Medical, Ltd., Wikimedia Commons and Staff Sgt Alesia Goosic

Maxx Medical Donates Knee Implants to Ecuadorian Project

Biloine W. Young • Tue, March 4th, 2014

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Twelve needy patients in Ecuador will get new knees this month thanks to a donation by Maxx Medical, Ltd. and a team of 30 medical professionals who are flying to Machala, Ecuador to install them. Rick Savino, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon with Long Island Bone and Joint in New York, will perform the surgeries which have been arranged by Blanca’s House, an organization that provides 21st century medical care for the underprivileged. The operations will take place at the Hospital Militar in Machala.

The medical professionals are paying their own way as well as bringing with them everything necessary to perform the 12 total knee implants. Maxx Medical is donating the implants and surgical instruments required for the surgeries.

“These trips provide me with the opportunity to perform medical procedures for the reason I went into medicine in the first place—to help those who truly need and appreciate it with no insurance issues, documentation worries or attorneys looking over our shoulders. It’s as simple as people who need medical help and a team dedicated to making them better, ” said Savino.

“It feels good to give back to the global patient community, partnering with surgeons and charitable organizations to restore patient mobility, ” said Ashesh Shah, the CEO of Maxx Medical.

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One Response to “Maxx Medical Donates Knee Implants to Ecuadorian Project”

  1. Diane Black says:

    Fabulous! I too would like someone to offer free surgery after having JRA since age 12 and I am now 56. I have worked hard to be a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator with all but a dissertation in Nutritional Biochemistry from Drexel University and no one has ever given me a free ride. I agree you should help those in poor developing countries but also help those of us with chronic diseases! Thank you for helping these 12 people! If every surgeon was encouraged to do such the world would truly benefit; just eliminate the politicians.

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