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(L to R): Michael L. Parks, MD., OREF president-elect; Eric Dremel, president, Medacta USA; Francesco Siccardi, executive vice president, Medacta International; Richard F. Santore, M.D., OREF trustee and chair of individual development; David G. Lewallen, M.D., president, OREF Board of Trustees. / Courtesy of Medacta International

Medacta Doubles Commitment to OREF!

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Tue, April 4th, 2017

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Medacta International, a family owned company headquartered in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland, has ramped up its partnership with the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF). While the two entities have worked together over the past two years, Medacta has now increased its support and will now match resident gifts two-to-one, up from its original commitment of one-to-one. According to the March 16, 2017, “…this program encourages residents to engage in charitable giving at an early state in their careers and prioritizes OREF as a beneficiary of their philanthropy.”

“Since the program started in 2015, the Medacta Challenge raised more than $150,000 for OREF. This includes contributions to OREF’s Research Fund from Francesco Siccardi, Executive Vice President of Medacta International, and Eric Dremel, President of Medacta USA, who each pledged $20,000 to kick off the partnership and demonstrate their commitment to the initiative. Mr. Siccardi and Mr. Dremel were recognized for their gifts as members of OREF’s Visionary Research Society.”

“We believe the next big innovation is always just around the corner and are excited that our expanded partnership with OREF will make already generous resident contributions even more impactful,” said Siccardi. “This partnership drives Medacta and OREF’s shared goal of providing the best possible care to improve the lives of patients around the globe.”

“OREF relies on the generosity of organizations like Medacta to continue supporting research in orthopaedics,” said OREF Board President David Lewallen, M.D. “The grants we provide enable innovators to push the envelope and be bold, effectively creating change in the orthopaedic discipline—ultimately providing patients with safer, better options, and a higher quality of life. None of this would be possible without our committed partners such as Medacta.”

Francesco Siccardi told OTW, “We're excited that with our help, generous resident gifts to OREF will go three times further in providing critical funding to orthopedic investigators. We're always looking for ways to help improve the patient experience, and this is just one more way we can do that.”

Dr. Lewallen commented to OTW, “During the first year of this expanded partnership, OREF will be focused on reaching as many residents as possible with the news that they can now triple the impact of their gift. Residents often believe that the $20, $50 or $100 gift they feel comfortable making isn’t large enough to make much of an impact. While we firmly believe that every gift helps, no matter the size, the increased match from Medacta gives us a great opportunity to engage those residents with the message that thanks to Medacta, their gift will have an even greater impact on our ability to fund orthopaedic research.”

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