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Michael Piccirillo / Courtesy of LinkedIn and Nuvasive

Michael Piccirillo to Head NuVasive Clinical Professional Development

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Wed, December 27th, 2017

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Michael Piccirillo, a seasoned designer of spine educational curricula, is the new leader of NuVasive’s Clinical Professional Development (CPD) global platform for surgeons that integrates surgical training with professional development. For more than 30 years, Piccirillo has built educational platforms and designed management solutions.

As San Diego, California-based NuVasive wrote in its December 14, 2017 news release, “Piccirillo graduated from London University with a degree in medical microbiology and supplemented his science training with specific professional courses as well as marketing and business administration courses to move into health care business management. He also received a diploma in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a business administration degree from the University of Warwick.”

“The NuVasive CPD team will support the company's surgeon partners for the lifetime of their careers. The new training programs will facilitate the development of a diverse set of competencies that spine surgeons will need in the future and will deliver challenging programs that are surgeon-oriented, personalized and fit within a systematic pathway. Additionally, a core component of the expanded platform is peer-to-peer engagement to encourage collaboration of ideas and innovation among the surgeon participants and drive further engagement.”

NuVasive Chairman and CEO Gregory T. Lucier added, "The newly designed and expanded program is being rolled out globally to meet the needs of our surgeons and I'm excited to see the direction Michael is taking this critical and differentiating part of our business. Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in global educational strategy to NuVasive to make our CPD platform the most sought-after program available to surgeons around the world."

Piccirillo commented to OTW, “Over my nine years as Executive Director for AOSpine and later AOTrauma, I was responsible for delivering training and fellowship programs for over 15,000 surgeons. Much of their success was driven by ongoing assessment and improvements to deliver the best possible learning outcomes. The quality of AO education programs was greatly attributed to designing and implementing complementary Faculty Development Programs to raise the standard of surgeons as teachers. In my new role with NuVasive, I look forward to translating my best practices and experience into initiatives that evolve the performance of NuVasive education to build on its best-in-industry approach that so many have copied.”

“As NuVasive expands its procedural portfolio much of my job is to make sure our education platform and delivery fits the evolving needs and time constraints of a new generation of surgeons. This means steering the CPD platform in a manner that advances and extends our traditional strengths in surgeon education. I believe CPD is positioned to create a ‘game change’ in surgeon training by applying novel training techniques that mesh with a surgeon’s psyche and reinforce competencies needed to consistently perform high-quality surgery.”

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