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Procotyl Prime Acetabular Cup System / Courtesy of MicroPort Orthopedics

MicroPort Launches Procotyl Prime Acetabular Cup

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Tue, September 12th, 2017

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MicroPort Orthopedics, based in Arlington, Tennessee, has launched its Procotyl Prime Acetabular Cup System.

“At MicroPort Orthopedics, we embrace the constant advance in orthopedic medicine, and have a deep commitment to creating products that make patients’ lives better,” said company President Aurelio Sahagun, in the company’s August 29, 2017 news release. “The Procotyl Prime Acetabular Cup System, with its best-in-class features, is a great example of this commitment, as it not only strengthens our position as a leader in surgical joint replacement, but also complements our existing products and surgical approaches to help patients return to full function faster.”

“Procotyl Prime’s design is a culmination of over 20 years of market experience coupled with intelligent design and engineering,” said James Chow, M.D., director of Orthopedics Hip & Joint at Phoenix St. Luke’s Medical Center. “We set out to design an implant optimized for highly-crosslinked polyethylene and modern 3D fixation surfaces, allowing us to eliminate compromises. The result is a shell that is strong and flexible, has maximized poly thickness and robust pull-out strength, all while allowing the versatility of large head options in the smallest sizes.”

Brad Penenberg, M.D., chief of Arthroplasty Service at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, said, “Procotyl Prime is the first acetabular component adapted for MicroPort’s novel portal-assisted acetabular instrumentation. This unique approach facilitates preservation of soft tissue, fast patient recovery, and direct acetabular visualization.”

Sahagun told OTW, “MicroPort Orthopedics has a deep commitment to creating products that make patients' lives better and we embrace the knowledge and surgical advancements made in orthopedic medicine. By listening to what surgeons were asking for, and what they needed, our development team’s design and engineering expertise resulted in a product that truly stands to benefit not only the physicians performing the surgery, but also the patients who receive it. The Procotyl Prime system is a culmination of over 20 years of market experience. It was fantastic seeing the hard work and passion the team and the surgeons brought forth every day to make it a reality for the patients.”

“Surgeons will likely be most excited that Procotyl Prime is the first system designed with simple, versatile instrumentation to support a variety of approaches that facilitate preservation of soft tissue, fast patient recovery, and direct acetabular visualization. The system is also optimized for highly cross-linked polyethylene bearings and modern fixation surfaces, eliminating any potential design compromises associated with other bearing surfaces. We are truly proud of this product because it lives up to the MicroPort Orthopedics mantra of helping patients return to full function, faster.”

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