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Source: Wikimedia Commons and OpenStax College

New Tool Makes Tracking Muscle Size Easier

Tracey Romero • Mon, December 11th, 2017

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MuscleSound, a performance and health technology company, recently added a new muscle size feature to its line of MuscleHealth assessment tools, according to a press release.

Available now, this new tool can provide users with essential muscle symmetry, thickness and muscle growth, and track their progress. It also has the capability of declining information. Currently it can determine quadriceps thickness, but the company will be adding more muscle groups sometime in early 2018.

According the release, the new muscle size assessment is able to give real time results using a combination of ultrasound technology and innovative software. Up until now the simple tape measure was the tool of choice for measuring muscle size in fitness and sports medicine industries.

Geared for people of all ages and fitness levels and mobility, this addition to MuscleHealth can provide helpful information for people recovering from injuries where they have lost muscle mass and for athletes and fitness lovers who are focused on strengthening their muscles to prevent injury. MuscleSound works closely with sports teams, sports medicine physicians and research teams to collect the most accurate data on muscle health.

“Through our extensive experience of scanning a wide range of professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and health care patients we have determined the importance of muscle size and the need to update the current method of measuring it,” said Andy Jackson, president and CEO of MuscleSound in the release.

“Assessing muscle size is essential for people of all ages and activity levels, as it will help understand performance related benefits of exercise, track muscle mass progress, and provide early information on muscle loss. We look forward to incorporating this new feature into current and potential client programs and continuing to create new methods for calculating and improving MuscleHealth.”

MuscleSound is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit

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