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Source: Wikimedia Commons and Simon Caulton

Ranfac Marrow Cellution Reaps a Better Harvest

Tracey Romero • Fri, August 4th, 2017

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In a white paper entitled, “Comparative Analysis of Marrow Cellutions and EMCYTE Bone Marrow Concentrate System (June 2017),” Marrow Cellution manufactured by the Ranfac Corporation outperformed EMCYTE BMC System with its ability to harvest higher concentrations of stem and progenitor cells without the need for additional manipulation through centrifugation.

Michael Scarpone, D.O., medical director of Trinity Sports Medicine in Steubenville, Ohio, collected three sets of bone marrow aspirate samples using the Ranfac Marrow Cellution and the EMCYTE BMC systems. Then each sample was analyzed for Total Nucleated Cell (TNC) count, CD 34+ count and (Colony Forming Unit Fibroblastic (CFU-f) by Daniel Kuebler, Ph.D., chair of the Biology Department at Franciscan University also in Steubenville, Ohio.

According to a press release, “the Marrow Cellution aspiration system had significantly more CD 34+ and CFU-f per mL [milliliter] as compared to the EMCYTE BMC system with less contaminating peripheral blood as indicated by the higher ratio of CFU-f to nucleated cells.

“Also since the Marrow Cellution system does not require centrifugation, it required less preparation time, lower volume of aspirate and did not require additional manipulative steps outside the sterile field compared to the EMCYTE BMC System.”

In addition, according to, the system “produces graft material with osteoconductive osteoinductive and osteogenic properties.”

Another benefit according to the website is that “it is a minimally invasive technique using 8 gauge trephine needle for bone dowel extraction.”

The patent is still pending for the Marrow Cellution Bone Marrow Aspirate System. Ranfac Corporation is an ISO 13485 certified medical device company.

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