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Courtesy of SpineGuard

SpineGuard Launches PediGuard in China

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Mon, November 27th, 2017

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SpineGuard has announced that XinRong Medical Group has launched the Classic PediGuard product range in China during the Chinese Orthopedic Association (COA) annual meeting.

Patricia Lempereur, SpineGuard’s head of international marketing & sales, told OTW, “The Classic PediGuard was officially presented at the annual COA meeting in Zhuhai during a workshop moderated by Professor Zhongqiang Chen (Peking University Third Hospital, China) with the presence of Professor Chen Zhongjun Liu (Peking University Third Hospital, China), Professor Wong Hee Kit (National University Hospital of Singapore) and Professor Yu Liang (Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, China) as speakers.”

“The launch of the Classic PediGuard range, that was widely attended, was a great success with the presence of very influential Chinese orthopedic surgeons in the audience. The Classic PediGuard created a lot of interest from the Chinese orthopedic surgeons and, right after the launch meeting, several asked for the possibility to try the device in their hospital.”

“XinRong [XR] was the right choice for multiple good reasons. They are a fast-growing Chinese orthopedic implant and instrument manufacturer that was the choice of the Blackstone fund for an investment in China a few years ago which is to our view a label of quality.”

“XR needed a high-tech occidental product to shine in their A-level developing market positioning, PediGuard was a perfect fit for that purpose with significant synergies within XR’s portfolio of spinal instrumentations.”

“The business model of XR, based on a solidly structured clinical training program, was also a great fit for SpineGuard who needs a team of competent trainers to support the PediGuard commercial efforts locally. XR is very well connected to the Chinese key opinion leader surgeon community, and has a performing network all across China to distribute its products.”

“Thanks to the Classic PediGuard range, the orthopedic surgeons will benefit from DSG [dynamic surgical guidance], a unique well established smart drilling technology that is widely used worldwide by spine surgeons and has solid clinical evidence and unparalleled level of accuracy due to real time guidance. They will be able to speed up their pedicle screw placement while assuring the highest level of pedicle screw placement accuracy. They will be able to reduce the radiation exposure in the OR for the benefit of the patients and the OR team. PediGuard by SpineGuard is the original premium product that has enjoyed international patent protection for years.”

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