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Source: Courtesy of Kisco International and SpineSource, Inc.

SpineSource to Market Kisco’s Lumbar Cage

Biloine W. Young • Wed, February 15th, 2017

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SpineSource, Inc., a Missouri-based supplier of expandable spinal implants, has entered a long term distribution agreement with French spine company Kisco International to market and distribute Kisco’s L-Varlock Expandable Lumbar Cage for vertebral interbody fusion. The agreement covers the United States.

Kisco International, which was founded in 1983 in Saint-Priest, France as Biomat, is one of the leading developers and fabricators of spinal implants in France. Saint-Priest is located just outside of gastro-mecca, Lyon. Among Kisco’s other partners is Japan Pharmaceutical giant, Otsuka.

Here are some of the Kisco’s spinal implants.

Source: Kisco International and SpineSource, Inc.

SpineSource will market the L-Varlock Expandable Cage through its independent sales force which, the company claims, numbers more than 750 sales professionals nationwide.

According to EON Online News, the L-Varlock Expandable Lumbar Cage provides spine surgeons a device which can be expanded from any range of zero to 24.5° of angle, and from zero to 7.1mm of expansion within the disc space. The device is made of titanium alloy, a preferred material for bony integration and in growth.

“Bone-healing principles never change and the simplicity of this device provides surgeons the ability to follow the fundamental principles of sagittal balance, re-establishment of disc height, and the provision of a large fusion bed within and around the implanted cage,” said SpineSource President and CEO Tom Mitchell. “With the adjunct of supplemental fixation, the L-Varlock® Expandable Cage puts the odds in favor of the surgeon and patient to achieve the goal of segmental stability, proper angles, and fusion.”

“What we have seen from our initial launch in 2016 is that surgeons like the simplicity of the expansion, a tactile feel while expanding, and the ability to pack copious amounts of autograft before and after expansion,” Mitchell added.

SpineSource was founded in 2004, and became the exclusive distributor for Ulrich Medical GmbH. The company went on to found Ulrich Medical USA in 2007, and in 2008 launched expandable PEEK cages from Advanced Medical Technologies, AG. Medtronic acquired that firm in 2012.

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