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Source: Wikimedia Commons and Thomas Machinitzki

Titan Spine Opens Memphis Distribution Center

Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Tue, April 10th, 2018

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Mequon, Wisconsin-based Titan Spine has just opened a grand distribution facility in Memphis to meet the growing demand for the its nanoLOCK surface technology.

According to the company, “nanoLOCK is the company’s next-generation surface technology featuring enhanced micro and nano-scaled architecture, proven to significantly improve the osteogenic response it creates.”

“The new distribution facility increases Titan Spine’s capacity to more than 20,000 square feet and will be used to efficiently distribute nanoLOCK as well as products from future launches. In addition, the facility is strategically located within close proximity to the FedEx world distribution hub, which allows Titan Spine to extend shipment hours when needed and enable agility in responding to customer needs.”

Titan Spine Executive Vice President Global Operations Mark Berg commented, “As the demand for our nanoLOCK surface implants has continued to grow across the U.S., we recognized the need to strategically increase our distribution capacity to supply current and future demand. Our Memphis Distribution Center (MDC) offers an optimal solution that builds upon the efforts of our prior distribution partner. We are excited to further improve logistics for our surgeon and distributor customers who recognize the significance and uniqueness of nanoLOCK’s very specific ability to promote a nano-fusion.”

Titan Spine Vice President of Marketing Andrew Shepherd told OTW, “Our biggest challenge was the coordination of the movement of our assets from our former distribution partner to MDC without interrupting the supply of our products to our distributor, hospital, and surgeon partners. Our logistics team deserves a lot of credit for executing so well under these complex and challenging circumstances.”

“The opening of MDC allows us to become significantly more agile in responding to customer demands, especially on the West Coast, as nanoLOCK adoption continues to expand. The additional storage capacity enables improved logistics and allows us to prepare for continued growth in the years to come.”

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