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A Cry for Help? FDA Bares Concerns in NEJM

Source: Pixabay

The most senior FDA executives went public with their worries, frustration even, we suspect, impotence regarding the plethora of stem cells therapies in the market last November. And that article, which appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine just keeps growing in influence. Here is what Celia Whitten, Peter Marks and Robert Califf said.

Japanese Researchers Send Fish in Space

Source: Wikimedia Commons and NASA/MSFC

Japanese Researchers sent fish into space in 2014 to study bone mineral density (BMD) loss. Now, the findings are in. Published in the December 2016 Scientific Reports issue featuring lead researcher Dr. Akira Kudo, the results pinpoint exactly when BMD loss is most prevalent, creating the new research niche of gravitational biology.