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Japanese Researchers Send Fish in Space

Source: Wikimedia Commons and NASA/MSFC

Japanese Researchers sent fish into space in 2014 to study bone mineral density (BMD) loss. Now, the findings are in. Published in the December 2016 Scientific Reports issue featuring lead researcher Dr. Akira Kudo, the results pinpoint exactly when BMD loss is most prevalent, creating the new research niche of gravitational biology.


Will a $95 Million Deal Bring Chemonucleolysis Back?

Courtesy of Kazuhiro Chiba, Ph.D.

Is chemonucleolysis for painful lower back disc herniation returning? In the 1980s chymopapain achieved fairly wide spread use as a chemonucleolysis agent. Outcomes were highly technique and patient selection dependent. It eventually left the market. Now two large firms have inked a deal to bring a new chemonucleolysis approach to market. Will this one work?


Human Extracellular Matrix Works in Cartilage Formation

Human Extracellular Matrix / Source: Wikimedia Commons and Dr. Oktar Glugoglu

PUR Biologics and University of Wisconsin Researcher Dr. Wan-Ju Li have demonstrated that human extracellular matrix can form healthy cartilage. The company has introduced PURmatrX to culture stem cells for treatment of orthopedic diseases, marking a breakthrough in stem cell research and its application.