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Does Tommy John Surgery Affect Pitcher Longevity?

Photo creation by RRY Publications, Wikimedia Commons, MB, and Pexels

Ligament reconstruction, shoulder injuries, elbows, back. Which of these or do ANY of these shorten a Major League Baseball pitcher’s career? The answers may be surprising. For example, despite concerns over the rate of ulnar collateral ligament reconstructions (Tommy John surgery), it had no discernible effect on retirement rates, according to a new study. But other injuries could. For the full story, read on.

New Study: Achilles Tendon Inflammation in Injury Recovery

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Verse Photography, and BruceBlaus

Achilles tendon injuries can be devastating for athletes leading to them being sidelined for long periods of time or worse lead to the end of their careers. Current research and treatment don’t really address the role chronic inflammation may play in the progression of tendon disease, but that may change with the results of a new study from the University of Oxford.


No Heroes in Pain Management

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Kavei

Innovation in pain management is an exciting and rapidly developing technology sector. A couple new approaches for easing chronic pain crossed our desk recently. They both hold real promise. And they both indicate that our traditional pain management approaches are way off the mark.

Diving Injuries: The Obscure Corner of Sports Medicine

Source: Wikimedia Commons and HighjumpCZ

Competitive diving starts in February and ends in July. In the 2012 Olympics, 8.1% of divers sustained a musculoskeletal injury. It is surprising that there still hasn’t been enough research to understand the risk of diving injuries. Here’s what key journals and the International Federation of Swimming are doing to shine a light on this obscure corner of sports medicine.


Hamstring Injury: MRI Not Effective at Determining Return to Play

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Celso FLORES, and BruceBlaus

Hamstring re-injury is a major concern for athletes, amateur and professional sports organizations, but until now there hasn’t been a consensus on injury management. While imaging findings are often used to determine an athlete’s readiness to return to play, a new expert consensus points to more focus on performance tests instead.

Orthopedists Speak Out About Softball Pitching Limits

Source: Wikimedia Commons and KeithJJ

The overall focus of overuse injury prevention for pitchers has been on baseball, not softball players. Traditionally this is because the throwing mechanism in softball is thought to be different. Some orthopedic doctors, however, are now speaking out about the need for pitch counts and mandatory rest days for softball pitchers to prevent more overuse injuries.