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The $1,000 Infection Tax

Photo creation by RRY Publications, LLC, Wikimedia Commons, Ottoman Jackson, and DataBase Center for Life Science

In this new era of cost containment in medicine, adding over $1,000 to the cost of a procedure sounds fiscally irresponsible. A group of new studies about post op infection rates provide new insights into this critical issue as contributing commentator, Jay Mabrey, M.D., MBA, CPE explains.


A Fresh Look at Bone Graft

Courtesy of Pinnacle Spine Group, LLC (Originally Published February 20, 2017)

Sometimes back to the basics requires a new approach. Here’s a fresh look at maximizing the impact of bone graft in spine fusion courtesy of Pinnacle Spine. Think you know all there is to know about bone graft? Here’s a new approach that increases bone graft volume by up to 94%, resulting in a more complete fill of the biologic void that is present with more traditionally pre-packed implants.

ChoiceSpine’s Gutsy Purchase of Exactech Spine

Courtesy of ChoiceSpine

Did ChoiceSpine just make the strategic acquisition of the year? Exactech’s spine business has been eclipsed by that company’s more dynamic and successful extremities business. Now fast growing ChoiceSpine has it. In fact, ChoiceSpine may be the most interesting emerging spine company in orthopedics. Here’s why.