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Shark Tank Meets Spine Start Up VerteCore!

Courtesy of Paul Leake, co-founder of VerteCore Technologies

Paul Leake, one of the founders of VerteCore Technologies and co-inventor of the ‘Lift,’ recently pitched his novel new device to treat back pain in an open audition for ABC’s Emmy award winning Shark Tank reality show. Will Leake make it to the big dance? Here’s an inside look at how this young executive snagged a big-time audition.


Burnout Affects 40-60% of all Physicians

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Vassil

New studies are raising the alarm that physician burnout, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a sense of reduced personal accomplishment, has reached epidemic levels. Treating it has SO many benefits, it’s unfathomable why every hospital and clinic doesn’t immediately address this issue.