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20 Years, 10,000 Children: Medical Ministries Compassion in Action and Rewards Beyond Measure

Doreen upon arrival in Sioux City, Iowa. / Courtesy of STEMM

When Steve Meyer, M.D. decided not to commit suicide in 1995 he had no idea the extraordinary life he would give to others. After 45 trips to Tanzania, Dr. Meyer and his wife have sent 10,000 children to school, facilitated surgeries on over 1,000 individuals, and much more.


The Genetic Origins of Spinal Stenosis; Robust Steroid Study for Knee OA; New Tool Improves Surgical Training

Source: Wikimedia Commons and BruceBlaus

University of Hong Kong researchers are advancing our understanding of the etiology of spinal stenosis. OA Study: intra-articular corticosteroid injections give less pain, better function…for some. UK researchers find that Cognitive Task Analysis furthers surgical training.


Study: Prebiotics Can Slow OA Progression; Bone Marrow Aspirate Enhances OCA Integration; Multimodal Analgesia Cuts Narcotic Use

Source: Wikimedia Commons and National Human Genome Research

Manipulating the gut microbiome can help obese patients with OA. Patients receiving OCAs pretreated with autogenous BMC showed better bone integration and faster recovery. New postop spine anesthesia decreases and/or eliminates need for narcotics.


ArthritisPower App: 11,000 Patient Registry; #1 Reason for Hip Replacement Success; and #1 Reason for Knee Replacement Failure

Sources: Flickr, James Cridland, and CreakyJoints

Novel app empowers patients to track their symptoms and research participation. Research shows that the state of other affected major joints and spine should be assessed and documented before hip surgery. And a study from New Zealand finds that periprosthetic joint infection is the #1 culprit in primary TKA failure…out to 15 years.