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Study: How Orthopedists Can Prevent Lawsuits

Source: Flickr and

Orthopedic surgeons are the fourth “most sued” doctors. However, according to a survey by The Doctors Company, they don’t need to be. After mining data from 2,100 orthopedic surgeons over seven years, the company released a survey outlining exactly how often orthopedic doctors are sued, why, and steps for minimizing lawsuits. Here are the findings.

The LD in DC

Getting the low down on healthcare happenings in Washington, D.C. helps prepare us for challenges—and…

All Aboard the Opioid Tax BOAT

Source: Pixabay and Olichel Adamovich

A bill is pending to amend the Internal Revenue Code’s Public Health Service Act (PHSA). The Budgeting for Opioid Addiction Treatment Act (BOAT) potentially places a one penny per milligram excise tax on most opioid prescriptions, with the revenue earmarked for opioid treatment programs.


Pennsylvania’s Opioid Guidelines Have National Ortho Impact

Receptors in Addiction / Source: Wikimedia Commons and Depra P Davis

Pennsylvania’s opioid epidemic prompted the state to update its guidelines. Those have proven to be so well crafted that they are a foundation for national guidance. Among the many constituents who are affected, a perhaps surprising one is the National Football League. Here are those guidelines and how they might impact physicians, patients and athletes.