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Source: Wikimedia Commons and Vassil

Burnout Affects 40-60% of all Physicians

New studies are raising the alarm that physician burnout, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a sense of reduced personal accomplishment, has reached epidemic levels. Treating it has SO many benefits, it’s unfathomable why every hospital and clinic doesn’t immediately address this issue.

CMS Excuses 66% of Clinicians From Merit Pay System

Source: Wikimedia Commons and New Zealand Transport Agency

A formal announcement has revealed two-thirds of clinicians will be exempt from MIPS by 2019—and a number qualify now. After months of seeing forecasted percentages, over 800,000 clinicians have received letters confirming their exemption. Now, clinicians are digging into the qualifications, exceptions, and what to expect in the CMS 2017-18 transitional years.


Pfizer’s Quirky Settlement Raises Brows

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Psychonaught

In an unprecedented move, Louisiana’s Attorney General Jeff Landry offers to settle a $1 million antitrust lawsuit with Pfizer if the pharma giant gives the state $1 million worth of their opioid reversal drug Naloxone. Landry, well aware of the opioid epidemic in the state, says it’s a better settlement for residents of the state and truly “priceless.”

New Bill Streamlines Medical Device Process

Courtesy of United States Congress and Wikimedia Commons

Bipartisan bill HR 2474 the Medical Product Review Harmonization Act of 2017 was submitted by California U.S. House of Representatives Mimi Walters and Ami Bera on May 16, 2017. If passed the bill will make certain Class II medical devices quicker and easier to get FDA clearance—including removing the need for redundant, duplicative review processes.


DOJ Sues UnitedHealth for Medicare Fraud

Source: Pixabay and Geralt

UnitedHealth faces another whistleblower-backed lawsuit from the Department of Justice. Filed on May 2, 2017, the whistleblowers are offering up details from UnitedHealth employees and former employees who claim they warned the company numerous times about Medicare payment problems.


Systemic Bias in Clinical Research

Source: Wikimedia Commons and CTAC

Orthopedics This Week calls for a change in the economic framework for the clinical study process globally. The current system is undermined by systemic bias, lack of reproducibility and scalability. The causes come from multiple factors, many of which are non-corporate. It is time to address these issues.