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Retraction Action: The Shocking Rise of FAKE Peer Reviews

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Masada Publishing

Faked reviews are on the rise. Peer reviewed articles are, rarely, retracted for reasons like lack of data integrity. But faked peer reviews? What’s really at the core of this disconcerting phenomenon? Are editors overwhelmed and over-burdened? Are faked reviews the natural and unstoppable fallout of the high-pressure environment to publish?


Pink Hip Implant Battle: The Grand Finale

Source: Pixabay

Germany’s CeramTec and Colorado’s CoorsTek have been entrenched in a two-year legal battle over pink hip implant products. It’s a drama full of stolen goods at a Parisian tradeshow, a cease and desist letter with exaggerated trademark claims and ultimately a lawsuit that centers on the color pink, jurisdiction, and intricate trademark details.


$31 Million Lawsuit: Orthopedic Surgeon Seeks Justice After Attack

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jamie Alexandra Dale is seeking justice and $31 million after she was attacked and left for dead by her ex-boyfriend and former NFL player Curtis Jordan. Her permanent injuries have left her unable to continue her surgery practice. Her story is not only heartbreaking but an indication of the economic toll this attack represented.

Six New MiMedx Lawsuits (With a Twist)

Sources: Public domainn pictures

In a twist of lawsuits, MiMedx promises to sue five (now former) sales employees after two terminated employees filed lawsuits against MiMedx. Two top-ranking former MiMedx employees claim MiMedx “channel stuffs” records, faking transactions of their most expensive product to VA hospitals around the country. MiMedx says the five employees were in breach of contract.


Florida Orthopedic Group Settles False Claims Lawsuit

Sources: Public Domain

A $4.5 million settlement was reached between Southeast Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). “Patients are getting billed as though they’ve seen a doctor when in reality they’re being seen by technicians who aren’t necessarily being supervised, ” says Prosecuting Attorney Jason Mehta.