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Weekly News, Analysis, and Commentary


100 West Main Street; Lansdale, Pennsylvania 19446
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Robin Young, CFA (

Editor and Publisher

Robin Young is the founder of RRY Publications and is, last time we checked, its publisher. Although given his travel schedule, we’re not sure what he looks like or where he is at any given point in time. Mr. Young has been knocking around medical technologies for a quarter of century and, given his propensity for verbosity, has disgorged more than 1,000 research reports and 6 books on such subjects as Surgical Biomaterials, The Spinal Implant Industry and The Stock Market. Earlier this century, Mr. Young was named “Best on the Street” by the Wall Street Journal and even earlier than that was identified as one of the top ten analysts in the United States by Institutional Investor Magazine. Most people, including members of his immediate family, find that they can reach him at

Biloine W. Young (

Senior Writer and Editor

Winner of the 2009 MORE award for journalistic excellence in orthopedics, Mrs. Young writes one or two books a year, more news shorts a week than all of other writers combined and, in St. Paul, Minnesota is beloved and cherished throughout the community.  Through her life and career Mrs. Young has nurtured, pushed and guided an amazing number of organizations and people including Minnesota Public Radio, the University of Minnesota and four unruly children – three of whom would grow up to feed at the healthcare trough and one of whom is a well known actress of stage and screen.  In more ways than we can count, Mrs. Young is responsible for the best of this publication and none of its shortcomings.

Elizabeth Hofheinz (

Senior Writer

Two time winner of the MORE award Ms. Hofheinz was the first writer employed by Orthopedics This Week. The MORE award is granted annually by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons to recognize excellence in journalism. Ms. Hofheinz resides in New Orleans, Louisiana with her entrepreneur husband and delightful daughter. As a member of the orthopedic community, Ms. Hofheinz is best known for her amazing  features and her ability to bring to life important daily issues in Orthopedics—like volunteerism, billing or the contributions of staff.

Walter Eisner (

Senior Writer

Winner of the MORE award for 2008, Mr. Eisner is consistently one of the most widely read writers in our publication. Mr. Eisner’s beat is medical ethics, regulatory and legal developments and reimbursement. His articles try to explain the complicated and evolving legal landscape and, in a nutshell, minimize perp-walks in our community. A lifelong resident of Minnesota, Mr. Eisner is fluent in several languages including Scandosotan, German and pseudo-Panamanian. In previous work lives, Mr. Eisner has been a community organizer, opera fund raiser, political advance man and stock broker—in other words, the perfect background for writing for Orthopedics This Week.

Tom Bishow (

VP of Sales

Tom Bishow is our salesman. He is also, easily, the most endearing member of our staff. If you haven’t shared Tom’s love of crab cakes or attended a ball game with him, you haven’t lived. All advertisers, readers, staff and hangers-on have an open invitation to join “Tommy” in his beloved Baltimore. A former professional ball player and medical school student, Tommy was on the dental track before he found his calling with McGraw Hill. The merger of McGraw Hill into a media conglomerate created the opportunity for RRY Publications to snare the legendary and beloved former second baseman and near-dentist. Tommy Bishow may be reached at any time by all members of our community. And next time you’re in Baltimore….

Suzanne Kirchner (

Production Manager

Part Southern Belle, part Chickasaw Indian and all organizer, Ms. Kirchner has been Robin Young’s executive assistant for a decade and a half. A resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, Ms. Kirchner oversees all aspects of the production of Orthopedics This Week, Stem Cell Summit, Spine Technology Awards and just about anything that emanates from Mr. Young’s fertile imagination. Ms. Kirchner was previously the senior executive assistant for the Life Sciences Research team at Stephens, Inc. and prior to that an office manager for a major corporation. Ms. Kirchner was the first employee of Orthopedics This Week.

Jayme Johnson (

Email, Web, and Subscription Coordinator

Jayme Johnson is the Production and Subscription Coordinator, Web Work Horse and the bright bubbly spirit of Orthopedics This Week. Ensconced among her horses, cats, dogs, birds, friends, cousins and other family members in a beautiful cabin in the Arkansas Ozarks, Ms. Johnson is the effervescent center of her home and RRY Publications. Every day of every week, Ms. Johnson assembles, formats, codes, posts and distributes 30-50 pages of Orthopedics This Week to readers. Her late father was the creator of one of the most popular give-a-ways we ever had–the handmade wooden Stem Cell Dispenser.

Dana Bader (

Graphic Designer

Dana is the newest member of Orthopedics This Week and is responsible for putting together OTM Spine magazines, Orthopedics This Week and several of our advertisements and email blasts. She brings to OTW a solid grounding in advanced graphic design and magazine construction and layout. Dana’s strong EQ is exceeded only by her off the charts design IQ. Dana is also a Jersey Girl and proud of it. On vacation you can find her on the Jersey Shore—no doubt dreaming of more audacious design concepts for OTW and OTM.

Bharathi Kavalipati (


Ms. Kavalipati is our book-keeper, accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk and financial analyst. A quiet, diligent force in our company, Ms. Kavalipati makes sure that all the numbers line up, add up and balance. No small feat. Ms. Kavalipati comes from a family of quantitative types including computer and software engineers. So, on occasion, Ms. Kavalipati helps RRY Publications with its servers and software upgrades. Truly one of the most versatile employees of our firm, Ms. Kavalipati is also the go-to person for all matters quantitative.