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Weekly News, Analysis, and Commentary

After 8 Years, Stem Cells Are Still Rehydrating Discs

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Olga Maslova

First sheep. Then humans in a four-arm, Level 1 study. Six million living cells cuts pain about 50%, lasts three years. Oh, and the discs rehydrate. It’s been eight years since the first sheep study. What’s happened since? Phase 2 data, three-year follow up was just released. Phase 3 is starting. It is working in humans, too.

NuVasive Sues Former President and Industry Veteran Pat Miles

Views of the front of NuVasive, Inc. headquarters in San Diego, CA. and Pat Miles / Courtesy of NuVasive, Inc.

NuVasive’s Pat Miles jumped ship to lead Alphatec. NuVasive is suing accusing Miles of “scheming” to steal employees, secrets and customers. Miles said he’ll clear his name. Here, we detail the allegations. In the meantime, the battle for surgeon customers takes off.


Hip Fracture Comorbidity Tips; Oxford UKA vs TKA Re-Op Rate; Anand Spine Group to Tackle TOPS

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Booyabazooka

Study: it’s imperative to manage comorbidities in order to boost outcomes. Oxford Phase 3 UKA holds its own against TKA. And the Anand Spine Group is one of 30 centers selected to evaluate the TOPS System for degenerative Grade I spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis.


Hospital Sues Software Company for $16 Million Loss

Source: Pixabay and OpenClipart

Wisconsin not-for-profit hospital Agensian sued Cerner software provider for $16 million alleging that the health information services giant misled them into switching software providers which left them saddled them with software riddled with flaws. Cerner vehemently disagrees and promises to fight the lawsuit aggressively.

Study: Prebiotics Can Slow OA Progression; Bone Marrow Aspirate Enhances OCA Integration; Multimodal Analgesia Cuts Narcotic Use

Source: Wikimedia Commons and National Human Genome Research

Manipulating the gut microbiome can help obese patients with OA. Patients receiving OCAs pretreated with autogenous BMC showed better bone integration and faster recovery. New postop spine anesthesia decreases and/or eliminates need for narcotics.


Taking MIS TLIF to the Next Level

PROLIFT® and Dr. Zeshan Hyder / Courtesy of Life Spine

Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) delivers less nerve and tissue trauma and a higher rate of consistently strong patient outcomes. In an MIS setting, there are a few tips and tricks that will help any surgeon. Dr. Zeshan Hyder shows how he took MIS TLIF to the next level. Hint: think expandable and PROLIFT®.

Unrest at Swedish Health in Seattle

Source: Photo creation by RRY Publications, Wikimedia Commons, National Atlas, and Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill Campus courtesy of Swedish Medical Center

When Providence Health in Seattle acquired their local competitor, Swedish Health in 2011, a new focus on volume and revenue shook up existing ways of doing business. Providence brought in Johnny Delashaw, M.D., to pump up revenues. The money came in, but so did the infighting. Professional jealousy? Or did Delashaw cross the line?


ArthritisPower App: 11,000 Patient Registry; #1 Reason for Hip Replacement Success; and #1 Reason for Knee Replacement Failure

Sources: Flickr, James Cridland, and CreakyJoints

Novel app empowers patients to track their symptoms and research participation. Research shows that the state of other affected major joints and spine should be assessed and documented before hip surgery. And a study from New Zealand finds that periprosthetic joint infection is the #1 culprit in primary TKA failure…out to 15 years.

Whiteside v. Parvizi: Intra-Articular Antibiotic Irrigation Has a Role in Revision Arthroplasty

Image created by RRY Publications, LLC

Two giants of orthopedics Leo Whiteside and Javad Parvizi go head to head on the topic of antibiotic irrigation. Whiteside says it’s the only way to go. Parvizi says dilute Betadine and new CDC guidelines will do just fine, thank you. It’s a great debate!