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Zimmer Biomet Finally Settles for $30.5 Million

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A decade-long legal battle between Zimmer Biomet, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ended in a grand finale with a $30.5 million settlement. Allegations include violations of the U.S> Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and improprieties in Brazil and Mexico.

Silver Ions vs. MRSA; Low Calcium NOT High Fracture Risk?; Protein Signaling Protects Cartilage

(L to R): Scaffold-no bacteria and Scaffold with bacteria. / Courtesy of Elizabeth G. Loboa, Ph.D. and University of Missouri, Columbia

Silver ions, scaffold inhibit MRSA in bone. Research from China shows that for those on a plant-based diet, low calcium is not associated with high fracture risk. Another study shows that EGFR signaling is essential for protecting superficial layer of cartilage.


Japanese Researchers Send Fish in Space

Source: Wikimedia Commons and NASA/MSFC

Japanese Researchers sent fish into space in 2014 to study bone mineral density (BMD) loss. Now, the findings are in. Published in the December 2016 Scientific Reports issue featuring lead researcher Dr. Akira Kudo, the results pinpoint exactly when BMD loss is most prevalent, creating the new research niche of gravitational biology.


Shoulder Problems Linked to Cardiovascular and Pre-diabetes Risks! Fracture Stability With Nail Plate Combination

Sources: Wikimedia Commons, Sir Charles Bell and Wellcome Images

Rotator cuff problems could point toward cardiovascular issues. Pre-diabetes scourge gets worse with link to stiff shoulder. Study says nail plate combination provides stability, load sharing in certain fracture patterns.


Flatow v Seitz: Optimal Glenoid Fixation Requires Cement

Image created by RRY Publications, LLC

Excellent debate this week. While both debaters agree that metal backed shoulder implants fail, the battle lines are clearly drawn when it comes to uncemented tantalum versus cemented poly. Evan Flatow and Bill Seitz give us an outstanding debate and review this week with Thomas Thornhill moderating.


Top Ten 2016 Ortho Stories

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In a year of elections, tweets and disruptions, readers of Orthopedics This Week were focused on innovative technologies, the state of the orthopedic industry, prosecutions and a continued curiosity of the best ways to care for patients. According to Google Analytics, the following were the most viewed stories in OTW in 2016.