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Weekly News, Analysis, and Commentary

A Fresh Look at Bone Graft

Courtesy of Pinnacle Spine Group, LLC

Sometimes back to the basics requires a new approach. Here’s a fresh look at maximizing the impact of bone graft in spine fusion courtesy of Pinnacle Spine. Think you know all there is to know about bone graft? Here’s a new approach that increases bone graft volume by up to 94%, resulting in a more complete fill of the biologic void that is present with more traditionally pre-packed implants.

Galatz v. Crosby: Biceps Long Tendon: Pain Generator Requiring Tenodesis in TSA

Image created by RRY Publications, LLC

OK, everyone agrees tenodesis is the way to go for TSA. But with no prospective, randomized clinical trials regarding the long head of the biceps after total shoulder arthroplasty there remain too many questions. Which, of course, results in a spirited debate between Galatz and Crosby.


Cell Therapy for DDD; Joint Replacement Risk Unpredictable?; Open Fracture Injection Insight

Mesenchymal Stem and Disc Degeneration Disease / Source: Wikimedia Commons, Robert M. Hunt and Nephron

Study finds that the environment in which you inject stem cells—and the timing—likely impacts the efficacy of the therapy. Three different risk adjustment indices have proved useless at predicting readmissions among osteoarthritis patients. New research finds variation in hospital, season to another for that particular hospital, and infection following open fractures.