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Good Riddance to Allogeneic Transfusions?; Study: α-defensin Top Marker for Joint Infection; Risks, Cost of ALIF Questioned

Source: Pixabay

Study finds vast reduction in allogeneic transfusion usage. When diagnosing PJI, no ‘holy grail,’ but α-defensin does shine. ALIF burdened with increased odds of complications and high cost as compared to patients undergoing PLIF/TLIF.

Berend v. Lieberman: The Outpatient THA: A Paradigm Change

Image created by RRY Publications, LLC

Outpatient total hip arthroplasty or inpatient. Berend says outpatient is a paradigm shift and represents the future of arthroplasty. Lieberman notes, quite correctly, that outpatient is not for every patient and simple aphorisms don’t serve either the patient or the surgeon well. Excellent debate on this timely subject.


Top Hip and Knee Surgery Hospitals in America – Per CMS

Courtesy of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and European Union

Best hospital for total hip or knee surgery? CMS, which pays for more arthroplasties than any other single payer, has answers. The agency just released hospital performance data. Here are their picks for the best hip/knee surgery providers. One surprise, nearly all are NOT in major metropolitan centers.

New Spine Study: When Images Don’t Match Symptoms; New Tobramycin Study; Machine Learning Transforms Meniscal Imaging

Cervical Spine MRI / Source: Wikimedia Commons and Nevit Dilmen

Major new spine study specifies what to do when radiographic images don’t match clinical symptoms. Researchers from the Spine Hospital at New York Presbyterian document that tobramycin eradicates Escherichia coli (E. Coli) in a rabbit model. New study incorporated advanced machine learning finds that it transforms meniscal imaging and diagnosis.


Rodriguez v. Springer: The Anterior Approach: Better, Faster, Safer

Image created by RRY Publications, LLC

>> Finally, a fair, balanced, fact-based and experiential debate about anterior hip surgery. Not for everyone. Not for every patient. Has clear advantages…for a short while. But is that what hip arthroplasty is all about? Short term outcomes? No spin zone here. One of the best anterior hip debates yet.

Does Tommy John Surgery Affect Pitcher Longevity?

Photo creation by RRY Publications, Wikimedia Commons, MB, and Pexels

Ligament reconstruction, shoulder injuries, elbows, back. Which of these or do ANY of these shorten a Major League Baseball pitcher’s career? The answers may be surprising. For example, despite concerns over the rate of ulnar collateral ligament reconstructions (Tommy John surgery), it had no discernible effect on retirement rates, according to a new study. But other injuries could. For the full story, read on.


Top Orthopedic Stories From 2017

RRY Publications, LLC ©

Our uniquely dynamic and impactful industry treated more patients in 2017 than ever before and did so with a new generation of technologies and clinical skill levels. The top orthopedic stories reflected those trends while also addressing key issues like the opioid crisis, corporate disruption, and an increasingly complicated and intrusive U.S. regulatory and payment system.


Outpatient TKA Riskier; AAOS Hip OA Appropriate Use Criteria; Bisphosphonates for Knee OA—NOT Effective!

Photo manipulation by RRY Publications, LLC

A new UCLA study reveals that outpatient TKA is associated with a higher risk of postoperative complications. AAOS has released Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) for hip osteoarthritis, including possible scenarios and treatments. A new meta-analysis from Tufts finds that bisphosphonates don’t work in knee OA.

Study: Red Clover Stops/Minimizes Bone Loss; Nutrition for Improved Hip Surgery Results; bdMARDS Reduce RA in Patients

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Ivar Leidus, and Turner Biomechanics Laboratory

Danish study finds fermented red clover extract can halt or lessen bone loss. Rush, UNC find close association between albumin level, mortality risk. Danish study finds that RA rates decline when biological DMARDs are introduced.


Lee v. Padgett: Ceramic-Ceramic Bearings in Patients <60 Assures Longevity

Image created by RRY Publications, LLC

Has cross linked polyethylene put wear and tear to bed as an issue? Can younger patients expect a poly hip to last 20 or 30 years or longer? Not likely says Gwo-Chin Lee and he makes a case for ceramics. Doug Padgett counters with 13-year data. Excellent debate.