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Weekly News, Analysis, and Commentary

Hamstring Injury: MRI Not Effective at Determining Return to Play

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Celso FLORES, and BruceBlaus

Hamstring re-injury is a major concern for athletes, amateur and professional sports organizations, but until now there hasn’t been a consensus on injury management. While imaging findings are often used to determine an athlete’s readiness to return to play, a new expert consensus points to more focus on performance tests instead.

Combining Antiseptics May Be Toxic; THA Patient Mortality Risks; Troy Wilde, DPM Joins OrthoArizona

Photo creation by RRY Publications, LLC

Don’t mix multiple antiseptics when irrigating a wound, says research…it could be toxic! Patients with prosthetic joint infection have a mortality risk more than double that of patients without such an infection and Troy Wilde joins OrthoArizona.


Ten Best New Spine Technologies for 2017

Radiation-free imaging, novel amniotic tissue forms, breakthrough computer modeling, high tech rehab walkers, facet joint technologies and re-imagining pedicle screws. These are among the Best Spine Technologies for 2017. Two highly innovative companies are repeat winners—7D and Mighty Oak. The Best Spine Technologies for 2017!

Matthew Miller’s New Gig; Treating the Ischemic Orthopedic Patient; ‘Dosing’ Exercise for OA Hips

Matthew Miller / Courtesy of Altas Spine

Matthew Miller growing market share and more as a new VP at Atlas Spine. HSS research finds the incidence of myocardial ischemia higher than expected. New hip OA study finds dose recommendations from ACSM are critical when it comes to assigning exercise therapy.


Exactech To Be Sold for $625 Million to Private Equity Firm

Courtesy of Exactech, Inc.

Exactech is being sold for $625 million to Texas based TPG Capital, formerly Texas Pacific Group. Exactech’s co-founder and longtime CEO, Dr. Bill Petty is a Mayo Clinic trained orthopedic surgeon. His vision of creating a physician, patient and science centric company became the hallmark of Exactech’s popularity and success. Now a new chapter begins.

Orthopedists Speak Out About Softball Pitching Limits

Source: Wikimedia Commons and KeithJJ

The overall focus of overuse injury prevention for pitchers has been on baseball, not softball players. Traditionally this is because the throwing mechanism in softball is thought to be different. Some orthopedic doctors, however, are now speaking out about the need for pitch counts and mandatory rest days for softball pitchers to prevent more overuse injuries.


Causes of Accelerated Knee OA; Lumbar Prolapse Caused Deficits; Sealants Over Sutures?

Osteoarthritis Left Knee / Source: Wikimedia Commons and James Heilman, MD

New research examines who is at risk for “typical” versus accelerated knee OA. A subset of lumbar prolapse patients are at risk for neurological problems. And researchers have created a sticky surgical sealant that is versatile and effective in demanding situations.

20 Years, 10,000 Children: Medical Ministries Compassion in Action and Rewards Beyond Measure

Doreen upon arrival in Sioux City, Iowa. / Courtesy of STEMM

When Steve Meyer, M.D. decided not to commit suicide in 1995 he had no idea the extraordinary life he would give to others. After 45 trips to Tanzania, Dr. Meyer and his wife have sent 10,000 children to school, facilitated surgeries on over 1,000 individuals, and much more.