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Weekly News, Analysis, and Commentary

6% Revision Lumbar Discectomy; New Knee Society Score vs. WOMAC; Ream-and-Run Works

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Camilia Boban and PearlDiver

“Big data” study defines the rate of repeat discectomy surgery. Investigators find that the New Knee Society score is interchangeable with WOMAC. And in ream-and-run surgery, medialization did not have a negative impact on short-term results.


Lachiewicz v. Callaghan: Dual Mobility Obviates the Need for Constrained Liners in Revision THA

Recurrent dislocations, total hip revisions—for whatever reason—these are tough problems. Is a dual mobility articulation a better answer than constrained liners? Lachiewicz and Callaghan go head to head over this hot topic. Who wins? You do. This debate is timely and highly instructive.


Kingella kingae Tied to Pediatric Joint Infection; Delineating OA Phenotypes; New Study: ≥2x/Week Exercise Cuts LBP

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Dr.saptarshi

Strong association found between osteoarticular infection by K kingae and its presence in the throat of young children. Pain and injury mechanisms point toward clinically distinct OA phenotypes. New data show exercise frequency matters when it comes to preventing low back pain.

OREF Funding Increases NIH Funding Odds!

Source: Wiki Commons, NIH, and Courtesy of OREF

A 20-year study from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of California Los Angeles’ David Geffen School of Medicine found that receiving Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) funding can greatly increase the odds of receiving National Institute of Health (NIH) funding.


Under-Reporting Adverse Events; OREF and NIH Connection; Brad Bruns Wins “Healthcare Hero” Award

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Julia Midgley

New study documents under-reporting of adverse events in orthopedics, the causes and a solution. UCLA researchers found that OREF funding leads, often, to later NIH funding. Go OREF! Finally, kudos to Brad Bruns, M.D. who was recognized by The Phoenix Business Journal as 2017’s Healthcare Hero.

AOFAS Volunteers Give and Teach in Vietnam; New Score Trumps ASA and CCI Risk Stratification Systems; Grapefruit Arthroscopic Training!?

Volunteer surgeons Lorenzo Gamez, MD (left) and Geoffrey M. Tymms, MBBS (right) examine a young patient at the Vinh Orthopedics Rehab Center in Vinh, Vietnam. / Courtesy of AOFAS

AOFAS has just marked its 16th annual volunteer trip to Vietnam. Researchers have developed a new, improved method of risk stratification in OP TJA settings. And the grapefruit (yes, grapefruit) shows researchers that it is a viable alternative arthroscopic training model.