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Surprising # of Median Nerve Harvest Mistakes; Outpatient vs Inpatient THA; Warfarin NO barrier to Fast Fracture Repair?

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Henry Gray (1918) Anatomy of the Human Body

Research suggests that surgeons who do an upper extremity fellowship are less likely to inadvertently harvest the median nerve. A new Rothman study finds that patients undergoing THA outpatient or inpatient should have equivalent results…if certain guidelines are followed. And HSS researchers recently looked at hip fractures in patients on warfarin and time to surgery.


Carestream Health’s New Technology Streamlining Orthopedic Care

With the OnSight 3D Extremity System, the patient simply inserts the injured extremity into a donut-shaped opening in the system. / Courtesy of Carestream

As more people are living longer, more active lives, the need for orthopedic and sports medicine care continues to grow placing a bigger burden on the healthcare system. New imaging technology offered by Carestream, however, may help streamline patient care.