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Courtesy of United Orthopedic Corporation

2018 AAOS Notes: Watch This Company: UOC

United Orthopedics Corporation—you may not know the name, but you may well have been using their products since 1993. There were 38 Chinese origin companies at 2018 AAOS. UOC was the biggest and, possibly, the one with the most enduring impact.

Impedance Spectroscopy for Fracture Healing; Which Patient Reported Outcomes Work Best?; Wearable Sensors Reduce Pressure Injuries

Photo creation by RRY Publications, LLC

California researchers demonstrate how impedance spectroscopy can be used to detect bone healing and nonunion. And PROMIS is found to be more efficient legacy PRO scores. A new RCT shows that the wearable sensors are effective at monitoring patient position and activity.


No Saline?!

Source: Wikimedia Commons and Liesl Marelli

No Saline?! Saline bags are so ubiquitous we don’t think twice about them, until they’re gone. Since 2014 there’s been a shortage. In late 2017 it got much worse. Healthcare providers are raising hell. The FDA is worried. What happened?


New Data-Based TJR Tool for Patients; New OA Patient Guidelines; Using Behavior Science to Improve TJR Outcomes

Total Knee Replacement and Total Hip Replacement / Photo creation by RRY Publications, LLC with images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Pixabay

New tool allows patients to compare their personal information with nationwide data to help decide if and when to undergo TJR. CreakyJoints publishes OA guidelines for patients. New J&J Health Partner platform combines behavior science and technology to help patients prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for surgery.