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Weekly News, Analysis, and Commentary

Market Analysis and Forecast Presentations

Q2 2016: Orthopedic Market Analysis and Forecast

Orthopedics remains healthcare’s largest single sector, affecting one out of every two people. The process of delivering and paying for orthopedic care is going through unprecedented changes. This presentation summarizes some of the key trends and pressures which are transforming this most important medical sector.

Q2 2017: Diagnosis and Treatment for Systemic Bias in Clinical Research

Without being entirely aware of it, physicians, investors and even the FDA discount the information they receive from clinical studies. And they are not wrong. Bias, lack of reproducibility and, as we’ve written in OTW, pressure to produce extreme outcomes have undermined overall research quality. Here is our diagnosis of the issue.

Q1 2017: Spine Market Analysis and Forecast

Robin Young’s full Q1 2017 Presentation – “Spine: Changing Constantly”. Forecasts and statistics included along with the “Best New Spine Technologies of 2016”.